Vote kicking players right at the end of a run

So, This has happened to me twice now actually. I have been in the chaos wastes on legend just playing, not talking, not really bugging anyone. I actually had my last game where my entire team died, and I clutched it and took on a monster + horde and picked them up after. We got to the very end of the run only to be vote kicked. Fat Shark… plz… thats a long run to get just be kicked right at the end for literally no reason at all.

PS. Their steam names:
and antinoobsauce18


FS can’t really patch or bugfix shitty people

I’d recommend just hosting your own game or playing with a friend who can host

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But they can implement a system where ppl cant vote kick after certain point of the map/level/game mode. Or give players reward when they get kicked if they completed 70% of the map. I know it would allow ppl to troll but its better than nothing. And anyway - whos goin to wait 1h in chaos wastes just to troll on finale.


Woo, that sucks man.
Even on normal games I make a point of not kicking a guy towards the end, not even if he’s using toxic language or anything. We can talk about it in the keep, or we can kick him right after, but there’s no reason at all to kick somebody at the end of a map :frowning: he’s a drengbarazi by then.

BTW, vermintide has no such feature, but you can blacklist them on steam (don’t remember how, probably open their profiles) and you shouldn’t be able to join or even see their games.
It doesn’t solve the problem, but luckily such instances should be few and far between and so this can go a long way.

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If someone purposely griefs or tolls at end of map though and risk the run id want the ability to kick them, and i certainly dont want them getting any rewards for being a twot

How often do u meet trolls ? Or ppl that throw matches. I have almost 500h and never met a single guy that would troll or cause us the run - playing QP Legend/Cata all the time. I don’t feel like one guy has enough power to just throw the game. There would need to be specific scenario where one person would have such power and it would also mean other ppl did poorly too - like youre the last guy standing with the troll and u get assassin or hook rat and he just stands there. The biggest troll I can think of is agrooing patrol when everyone is low hp and u dont have the power to clear it fast. Or maybe I just can’t think of ways to troll in this game and grief so much that it causes everyone to wipe.

If there are hardly any trolls, why be scared of getting kicked by two or more of them?

There was a system, for a rather long time, that wouldn’t allow people to get kicked after the second grim was touched. If you go back you will find more than enough people who complained about that.

Veteran of both v1 and v2, you deffo get trolls, and you deffo get people who will deliberately FF you as much as possible to make sure they can ruin the run easier near end of map. Maybe in over 1500 games i’ve found say 30 runs that were ruined or made much harder due to a griefer using all consumable upon pickup and FFing, pulling patrols, not helping against bosses etc.

These people deserve a kick with 0 reward, regardless of how long they stayed in the roudn for.

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They go in the Book

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That sucks my dude, I have had similar experience. Same with Outriders now, I don’t understand why people want to be real assholes, with pandemic and stuff people are already having a very hard time.

Just had it happen to me. Started a fresh run with a 2 or 3 stack, and at the 2nd to last level, one of them shot a barrel under me on a bridge with no enemies around, almost killing me. Later, once we almost finished the level, they kicked me. Their names were:

AFK Gopher
Panda Express
and one other

For half of that level, one of them was AFK too and I didn’t even complain or anything.

It’s pretty game breaking that this level of trolling can happen.


That statement could probably be changed to “how often do you meet trolls that troll in other ways than kicking when it’s not deserved?”

In 834 hours, I’ve met exactly one person who needed to be kicked to not derail a run (an unfortunately for that run he was the host). And it wasn’t even anything malicious. Something came up that made him go AFK, and he didn’t come back. I’ve been kicked for questionable reasons a hell of a lot more than that. As it stands right now, the kick feature does more to enable griefing than it does to combat it.

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