Voiceline callouts for books would be appreciated

I don’t really understand why this isn’t a thing already. Tomes and Grims are a vital component of a “good” run, and our characters should be able to draw more attention to them. Too many people simply don’t notice when you only tag the book. Having to pester people in chat about books is one of my major pet peeves in the game.


xbox got a social wheel now hopefully they are not chat only. You know our characters are able to talk FS.

is there a video of the social wheel?

They couldn’t even be bothered to put in lines they said when picking up grimoires in the first game. We’ve got less VO content than V1 even after multiple patches that added new stuff in. Quite depressing, really.

And dear gods I hope they don’t add a vocal chat wheel into the game. There’s enough dumb spam in this game (F L Y F R E E L I T T L E O N E), I don’t want to get any more L4D flashbacks… on top of how the second game had immense potential and used at most a teensy weensy little bittle bit of it.

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