Voice channel

Why can I not set a voice channel to it’s own speaker like most games? I can’t hear anything my teammates are saying in the middle of a fight because it’s drowned out by the other sounds in the game. I use speakers for my game sounds and I have a headset that I use for voice so I have a clean channel.

Oh god, you’re on of those people :joy: I feel bad for your buddies who have to hear themselves echo back through your speakers into your mic.

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That’s what push to talk is for? Or, get this, voice channel through the headset like I said.

Sure, but all the game sound is still gonna be blasting whenever you talk, so PTT is neither here nor there really, but it’d be a marginal improvement that they would not be hearing their own voices in addition to the cacophony from your speakers. I have used PTT since forever from the old EvE days where 100 people would be in the channel. PTT does not stop multiple people from speaking at the same time.

This would be a nice feature none the less, to protect the innocents from your heathen audio-terrorism.

Basically, you’re thinking “Ahhh, a nice clean audio channel!” and everyone else in the channel with you is thinking “What the f*** is that god awful noise every time DarkSight keys up?”

This pleases Slaanesh

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I imagine that when DarkSightBlind plays games with their friends, all their buddies on discord start having a spontaneous orgy.

Except that’s literally never the case because it’s the year 2022 and microphones with noise cancelling exist. Do you also assume that everyone who plays on xbox or whatever is just constantly in a state of mic feedback because they’re playing on TV speakers with a headset as well?

Ahhh, such attitude. I see your speakers are very precious to you. However, noise cancelling is not magic, nor is it tech that functions so flawlessly as to be a silver bullet where you tick a button and suddenly your speakers exist in a vacuum :joy: if you don’t think you’re subjecting people to bad audio, I don’t know what to tell you.

Sane people just play with their audio all in their headset and balance the levels. You get far superior positional audio that way too, which is actually very useful.

In any case, this would be a very low priority feature given the pressing changes to be made to the actual game, and the low volume (get it?) of players who terrorise their friends with speakers and voice comms.

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