Visual glitch - vertical displacement bug

Vertical displacement bug on clients.
This one doesn’t happen on host, entities in motion up or down tends to continue moving towards that direction for a brief moment even after the motion stops.

Easiest place to recplicate this is at the righteous stand post coliseum elevator, players on clients might keep going up once the elevator stops.

video evidence of the same bug some place else:

in this case i had 200ms connection, as you can see the little rat jumped the fence but clipped through the floor on his way down and before his model was back up he was still able to hit me.


Very fun bug that can happen to any client at any ping.

Though I want to tell. This happened to my team mates when I was hosting once and they all said it was happening on their screen/game.
So maybe every person is consistently affected by this except for the host? Just speculation

Just had the same thing happen in Dark Omens. At 70 ping.

If I recall Correctly this mostly happens when the host’s pc is being over loaded or the Cpu is, could be wrong though but it never has happened to me on high ping either

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