Visual Bug with Crank-Gun

1.When I join a game, where another Outcast Engineer is using his Crank Gun, the shots fired look really cool. They leave a glowing trace and it makes it much easier to position since you actually see where he is shooting.
When I use the Crank Gun (or a BOT) it looks like its just smoke or water. Almost like a sqiurt-pistol and the traces fall off after approximatly 2m.

2.How consistently the issue occurs for you:
Until today I didn’t know it looks that cool if it works as intended. So for me it was always like that. At first I thought that was because of the patch; got excited for a few moments…

3.Screenshots and/or video evidence:
I try to catch both versions with a screenshot.

I play on the official realm with no mods.

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So this is what I see when another player fires the Crank Gun.

This is by far the “brightest” shot I could get. The graphic-settings are the same for both screenshots (I played a little bit with them, but didn’t matter) and set to medium. Also the different talents do not alter the visuals.

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