Victor's lines in both teaser trailers

The end times are upon us, but chaos is not the only power in this benighted world.

Chaos Wastes teaser. Highest quality 720p (not Twitter video) : Vermintide (

All my life I have heard whispers of a place where righteous gods heed mortal affairs.


What god or gods is Victor talking about?! Are both trailers related to each other???

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Is that Black Rock (Fortress) on the Map ? Or maybe The Monolith of Bubonicus

Where the Aesling are
Plain of Bone (Where the Monolith is) but the Fortress isn’t really at the right side of the mountain


(or something like that)

Crossing through the Gianthome Mountains.

Neither, but closer to Black Rock.

Black Rock is approximately around the left cross, the monolith of Bubonicous is on the right cross.


That’s why I said that

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He said “affairs” or “prayers”?

I hear prayers.

^^ Me too.

What god or gods is Victor talking about?!

In the first edition of WFRP, there were gods of order (or Gods of Law) opposed to Chaos - Solkan, Alluminas and Arianka.

They are definitely mentioned in one of the stories in the Genevieve Dieudonne series. (About a priest of order, seduced by an artifact from the castle Drachenfels).

But in fact, this is a very very old background. If these gods were mentioned in more modern literature, it was rather as local gods, of which there were many in the Old World.

For example, right in the prologue of the first Archaon’s book , Be’lakor destroys the Inquisition of Remas and says “your god is a lie.” This is about Solkan.

Personally, I hope there is something different here. I would rather like them to meet “the knight in silver armor, destroying demons by lightning from his hands”.

This is the type of speculative content that our community needs. Thanks, Saryk! Now from this small piece of teaser I have an idea what Saltzpyre is talking about.

I understand the frustration with the lack of Demons of Chaos. But, honestly, I’d rather we progress slowly in the story, maybe see the bigger events of the End Times getting ready to take place in the Empire by witnessing the union of the Skaven Empire and the forces of Chaos. It opens the possibility to introduce, not only Demons of Chaos, but other Norscan Tribes, more Skaven Units, and so on and so forth.

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