Vermintide and its challenges: what is the direction? [Engineer, Season 4 weaves]

Little premise 1: I know, there isn’t nothing objective. This is just a personal feedback/thought.

Little premise 2: I know, I can just ignore them etc etc… but it’s a fallacious logic. Would be like to say: “That career has balance’s problems? Just ignore it and play other”.

With few exceptions, of course, I loved Vermintide’s challeges. They were something that could really stack and improve the gameplay. Something hard but “honest” wich, once completed, can make you proud and ready for the next step.

Now, I don’t want to be catastrophist, but I would like talk about this “problem” before it’s too late.

Seeing Engineer update before, and season 4 then, a light came on… an alarm bell: let’s keep this game like now: something you play for the gameplay itself… and not a grind machine where you farm boring challenges for a kind of compulsive impulse.

Engineer brought problematic challenges… someone bugged, someone inaccurate, someone RNG, someone else simply wrong. 1000 (one thousand) headshots with the masterwork pistol… a weapon that clearly it’s not meant around headshots like can be an handgun or a bow… but it’s just an example, there is more.

Challenges made to be completated in group (fair enough, it’s a coop game)… but personal (not like FoW one), so you have to repeat them x4.

This kind of challenges seems to scream: “let’s add grindy/boring ones in order to artificially increase longevity”.

And now season 4… guys, it’s the factor wich made me open the thread.

Sorry if I can appear too rude… but weaves are a fake new content, an unfair method to keep players playing. Every season bring almost the same content with a different frame in order to marry the players’ impulse to completeness.

You would have tons of solutions to make weaves more “comfortable”. You could make us start from weave 80 (obvly if we reached it during previous season) and let us fight for the last goal.

(coff coff or let us start from weave 120, since the new 160 portrait coff coff).

But NOPE… rather… even if we start from weave 40 we have to play them again for the 40 weave frame :expressionless:

And now the new arrived, the star, the vip… 160 WEAVE PORTRAIT. J-just why? You balanced (I would prefer to say -you fixed-, since how much broken they were) the first season’s ~120 weaves because you knew what unfair and broken mess they were.

Well, current ~160 weaves (unless a ghost patch/balance) are still that broken… so, why should you encourage us to play them? You were afraid that people who play them only for the portrait (believe me, the great majority) became bored by the usual 120 frame and they needed a new flame to lit the completism impulse?

It seems that, instead of “streamline” and improve weaves, you make them even more bulky just to “stole” gameplay’s hours. Players complain because every season they “have to do” always the same things just to reach 120 goal? Well, from now, you have 40 more weaves… WHAT IDEA.

I don’t know, I repeat, nothing objective here… I’m just asking. Because I love this game, and I love it also thanks his “old game” soul. Hard, straight to the point. Gameplay itself matters, hard and fair. We don’t need 2020 games’ challenges about farm and grind.

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