Vermintide 2 and SSD

More of a discussion thread rather than complaint/issue.
How was your Vermintide experience with SSD compared to HDD?

Majority of software and games on my experience run way better and launch faster with SSD, but for some reason Vermintide is the only one I can remember that doesn’t launch faster nor it runs better or smoother. What might be the cause? Not my experience exclusively either, I know few people that never experienced any noticeable improvements.

I’m using Samsung 860 EVO, does the SSD experience differ on you experience?


Can’t remember what SSD I have sorry but same situation for me. I ran it on my SSD for a while but had no noticeable difference in any regard. Maybe the initial load up was a little faster but if so not by a significant margin.

really? mine is much much faster now on SSD

I’m on a Crucial P1 500GB 3D NAND NVM PCIe M.2 SSD

I have the same SSD and get performance issues every now and then. No noticeable issues in any other games. But it’s a step up from my 2,000 year old brick HD.

One of the issue could also be Steam. Recently they’ve been doing everything they can to make Steam as laggy and buggy as possible.

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Steam’s quality has gone downhill tremendously in the last 2 years.

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Exactly my experience.

Well to be fair your SSD works at least two times faster if we would compare average benchmarks. I’m just surprised Vermintide is the only exception.

I guess performance issues are on the game itself, IIRC SSD shouldn’t really make it run that much smoother, just faster on average, especially if we’re talking about loading the game or maps.

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Well the 2 buddies I’m playing with have the game installed on a HDD instead of their SSD:s while mine is on the SSD (860 evo).
Just based on the loading times between the 3 us, I’m always significantly faster inside the keep when first loading the game, I’m always waiting in the map loading phase for them to finish loading and even the after map phase is generally faster for me.

So at least for me I do notice pretty significant loading differences. It sure is not some total war Warhammer difference where its night and day but its still there. Performance wise SSD should really not make any dent and its probably more to do with the game itself being just random from patch to patch.

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Thanks for the info, the best case would be me testing Vermintide both on my old HDD and SSD, but honestly can’t bother with that. I’m still seeing unconvincing performance difference between people around here too.

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Obviously everyone’s PC hardware is going to be different so there will always be differences. Generally I would still expect most people to see some improvements.

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