V1 Traits that should be in V2

In the original Vermintide each orange and red weapon got a total of 3 traits so I understand why there were so many traits that did not transfer over to V2 as each weapon can only have 1 trait. There would be traits that no one would use in a normal run as there would always be a better choice.

I recently got back into playing V1 and saw a lot of the different trait choices that would be beneficial in V2 in certain situations while other traits would probably never be used.

Of course, these traits that I would like to see make a return to V2 would be completely situational but it would benefit party members as they would be able to play any career they wish during Heroic Deeds and not be forced to bring careers that would offset the modifiers.

No ammunition/no pickups
-Ammunition Holder: increase amount of maximum ammunition
-Haste: chance to increase attack speed; no ammunition spent
-Scavenger (make melee only trait): chance to replenish ammunition when killing an enemy

^^Above traits will help out all range careers that do not have an ammo regeneration talent and for those people who do not want to have to depend on using Ranger Veteran for ammunition for the no pickup deeds. A person could put the Scavenger trait on their melee weapon and one of the other two on their ranged weapon so they do not have to rely on someone having to play Ranger Veteran for ammunition. If this player does run out of ammunition, they can be self-sustaining and regenerate their own ammunition by attacking enemies with their melee weapon.

Vanguard/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger/Send in the next wave!
-Hail of Doom: chance to split shot into 2 projectiles
-Killing Blow: chance to instantly slay man-sized enemies
-Rupture: projectiles have a chance to penetrate 2 additional targets
-Skull Cracker: chance when hitting an enemy it will count as an automatic headshot

^^Just a few traits that would be beneficial for those tougher deeds with tougher enemies. Not all weapons have armor penetration and not all careers are great at taking down elites. This would open up the chance to choose any career and be able to not struggle with elites as much. Rupture would help out so much for those times where those pesky silent hook-rats grab you in the middle of a horde. Not everyone can be a Kruber with a Blunderbuss!

Random traits that could benefit certain careers or just messing around for fun
-Backstabbery: deal double damage when attacking from behind (Shade)
-Berserking: chance to increase attack speed; damage taken reduced (for squishy ranged careers to not die during hordes like Keri and Sienna)
-Earthing Rune: chance to reduce overheat when hitting enemies (Ironbreaker/Sienna)
-Extra Capacity: increases ammunition this weapon can hold in the clip (for blunderbuss and grudge-raker users)

^^Above traits are just to try to open up a different play style or increase the benefit of a particular career but mostly just for fun experimentation. We need random traits to just play around with.

I know most of the above traits will not be utilized during normal runs but it would help for some deed modifiers (and maybe FoW) without having to be forced to bring along particular careers. I left my normal deed group because of being forced to play certain careers for particular deed modifiers and it got boring fast. I want to be able to play any career when doing deeds even if that means that I run of ammunition.

I just feel like these traits would open up different play styles when attacking heroic deeds. No more silly groups of Ranger Veteran, Waystalker, Huntsman, and Pyromancer for the no ammunition/pickup deeds. We would actually have choices to play with other careers.

The devs could decrease the values of the above traits since they will most likely be situational traits and only used during deeds. I would be fine with that.

We just need more options and a way to open up the opportunity to use ANY career on ANY heroic deed without feeling forced to bring along certain careers that offset the modifiers.

We just don’t have a whole lot of choices when it comes to weapon traits since the vast majority of people just use Barrage and Swift Slaying.


I miss the Widrioth bow so much
with tracking arrows

please add it back!

and the trinket to take less damage when downed

All of these would absolutely be used - and abused - during normal runs too. Deeds are supposed to be challenging, and bringing in stuff specifically to counteract certain Deed modifiers takes away from that challenge. I don’t even know how these could be sensibly limited to Deed use only.

Besides, while some of these were added as Career-specific things in VT2, others would just break things. Imagine Huntsman, for example: a headshot-reliant Career using Skull-Cracker. That would start being the go-to Trait for him, nearly always, and would take away a lot of the skill needed to effectively play him now. They were left out for a reason, even if I miss Extra Capacity for the GR too…

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A lot of the stuff you mentioned has kinda already been rolled into classes, I would rather see things like devastating blow. KnB would be cool but they heavily nerfed it in the first game for a reason.

Instead everyone and their mother is uses crit-heavy builds and swift slaying on melee, BH may use hunter on ranged, everyone else either runs barrage or scrounger with occasional conservative shooter. Overal when it comes to melee, there is 1 universally variable choice and maybe 1-2 other traits may be used in some builds , but are generally useless.
The game needs new traits and new trait-property dynamic, so I’m not actually handicapping myself by not choosing crit chance.


They wouldn’t be limited to Heroic Deeds only. I was just saying since the vast majority of people use the same builds that most likely these other traits would not be used.

What I was trying to explain was doing particular deeds limits groups to playing certain careers and, to me, that gets boring.

These traits would allow other careers to be chosen as a self-sustaining build so you wouldn’t have to ask someone to play Ranger Veteran for ammunition or Mercenary for health.

It’s not to make the Heroic Deeds easier but to open up different options and play styles. As of right now, anytime I get a group to play a deed with no pickups, this is what the group looks like:
-Ranger Veteran
-Mercenary (or Huntsman)

I don’t want to be limited to a specific career for a Heroic Deed. I want to be able to play any career. Most people only play certain careers to offset current deed modifiers.

The devs could adjust the variable to the suggested traits to a smaller value than they were in V1 as to not make the game easier or the trait too overpowered.

For example: In V1, Scavenger was a melee AND ranged trait but the devs could limit this trait to melee weapons only. They could also lower the variables so it wouldn’t be overpowered. In the original Vermintide, it was a 24% chance to replenish 5% of your ammunition when killing an enemy. This could be changed to a 10% chance to replenish 5% of your ammunition when scoring a critical hit. This way, people could choose to play ANY career for a no pickup deed modifier that doesn’t have an ammo regen built in or ask someone to play Ranger Veteran for ammo drops. This would open up a chance for more choices on what career they would rather play instead of which career would make the deed easier.

It wouldn’t necessarily make the deeds easier but just allow the players to pick whatever career they want to play that wouldn’t cripple them severely.

All I want is more traits, more choices, and to open up different play styles with different careers when playing Heroic Deeds. I do not want to be locked into playing a particular career because of the modifier and most groups won’t do the heroic deeds unless you pick certain careers for certain modifiers.

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