Useful Tips and Tricks from the Community for the Community


this topic, should simply be a pool were you (as in people of the community) can share there knowledge about the game

while i am aware alot of useful information can allready be found on the forum, it always bothered me that there was no ONE place which contained it
(bit of topic but i feel if we had a section called : builds and tips that would benefit the forum a great deal but well we dont have that at the moment so here i am typing this in the lounge)

so before i start rambling on :
if you have a piece of information you wish to share, find useful yourself and think other might benefit from it
or something you wish you had known when you started the game,

then simply put it in here.

regards towly

so i start myself, i didnt want to put this in the starting post:

if your char is able to perform a dash, for example Handmaiden
you are able to start a rez or a heal and use your dash

that way you can rez/heal an ally while not being in danger yourself

Additional Tips:

  • Shade’s backstab bonuses do not apply to her ult’s dmg.

  • Weapon Special (keybind) allows:
    Shooting the rapier pistol - Staggers maulers and SV, deals good dmg on unarmored, recommended against maulers.
    Dropping the torch returning to the previous weapon.
    Zoom on WS
    Zoom during ult on HS

  • HM: Bladedancer is broken and won’t do anything in game.

  • Witch-Hunt, Off Balance, Make 'Em Bleed and Crippling Wounds do not stack with each other and last 5s but Shrapnel stacks.

PS: Send me a personal message to be informed on the latest < snip >. :wink:


Sword and Dagger push stab ignores shields, I didn’t learn that until at least a 100+ hours in lol.

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You can use blowback ults like Merc’s or WHC’s immediately/while standing up after being picked up. This can save you and your benefactor from death by elite overhead, boss and other things.


Most useful tip: THESE STAIRS GO UP!


Huntsman Draw-Bow-To-Max-Power the shot is a much much shorter RMB hold than you think.

Pressing Block will stop any charge, making it easier to judge where you want to stop.

Hopping onto a small crate/rock/ledge makes getting headshot much easier as you can judge it against taller enemies easier.


Moving the camera with heavy sweep attacks will allow you to cleave a significantly larger area. Prime example is the heavy attacks of the 2h hammer where you can do a 360 while sweeping to hit every enemy around you, assuming you don’t hit something beefy.

Spamming light attacks on Keri’s dual daggers, push attack on dual daggers, sword and dagger, Sienna’s dagger, dual axes and dual hammers allows you to move significantly faster than by just normal movement. Same applies for light attack on dual axes by weapon switch canceling. If Slayer equips 2 dual axes, this allows for even faster movement.
Push attack with Kruber’s sword and shield also gives you a pretty fast lunge which can make up for it’s lack of dodge distance.

2h hammer and 2h axe can get a very significant boost in light attack speed by quick switch canceling, effectively skipping the recouperating / repositioning animation after swinging. This even more so when equipping two 2 hammers or 2h axes as Slayer.

Don’t be afraid to use your resources. Your Career Skill comes up again, and you will find another Potion on Bomb soon enough, and either one can save the day.

Learn to notice when things are moving towards failure (instead of just “we’re in trouble now”), so you can prevent that. Anything that will get you out of a situation can also prevent that situation and way more, and with less danger to you and your companions.

No matter what anyone else says about your setup, you will always perform best with the weapons and Careers you’re comfortable with. Properties and Traits are there to only modify your setup. A Shade who goes down after the first stealth isn’t very helpful; a good Ironbreaker does way more than carry Grimoires no matter the setup.

On Champ and Legend, the primary problem about Friendly fire isn’t the damage, it’s the distraction. Only a few specific attacks do enough damage at once to be harmful solely for that, and thus you should be extra aware with those, but mostly it provides a distraction, messes up ranged aim, and can trigger some abilities (like Gromril Armour) that’d be better against heavier attacks.


This… I know S&D are meta for Shade, but I can not play with them. No matter how much I use them, I can’t get them down for some reason. I always end up dead or preforming like cråp. Stick to what you’re good at.

another thing : add mods to your game, they are only minor changes, dont requirer you to learn anything new, and can be very useful little helpers: this comes from a guy who didnt use mods himself for a longtime cuz i was under the illusion i dont need them

well a TLTR: just go to the approved mods section in steam and click on anything you like, most of them are helpful

my favs : Chatblock, Playerlist Plus, Numeric UI, the one that shows you your ammo count while in melee

When did that happen? Here I always thought D&D was still the meta even after the “zomg D&D ruined” nerf. Been primarily using S&D even before that (I liked D&D but it always felt unnecessary on Shade) and now you must come here and tell me I am meta? Lies! All lies and slander!


well it happend after the nerf, and the nerf on the dualsword i think
which during the beta was semi meta cuz it did crit like 200% of the time ( overexaggaerted on porpuse)

so the S&D provided a nice balance between stabbing elites (which the dagger was so nice at[i think it still is]) and its similar to the dualsword hordeclear

but i totally agree one should simply stick to the weapon that feels best
and just move out of the comfortzone of that weapon everynow and then to tryout other things

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Many weapons have cool combos you can do by mixing up light, heavy and push attacks. These aren’t new animations or anything, but some are quite useful. A great example is Kerillian’s one-handed Sword, where you can do the first overhead charged attack and instantly follow-up with an armor-piercing light thrust. Mess around with your weapons to try it out; for some weapons you can get a lot more value out of them this way.

Most ranged weapons do almost nothing to Chaos Warriors, even on a headshot. The two biggest exceptions are the Handgun and the Longbow (Kruber’s or Kerillian’s). You can kill Chaos Warriors in 3-5 headshots with these, and the stagger is long enough to make repeated headshots easy.

Shotgun bashes can crit and trigger Scrounger, thus allowing you to get ammo back, especially against horde.

Handmaiden’s Dash does 4-5 ticks of about 6 damage each. This is more than enough to kill Slaverats, Clan Rats, and Fanatics, so you can get huge value by dashing through a horde.

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They’ve been meta for a while, even before the balance update. You can build them to 1 shot SV on shade with the 2nd heavy. Which you can quickly transition to with a push stab. Meanwhile she can still hit all the break points for longbow. Her temp HP on crit with sword and Dagger is amazing as well. Due to the horde clear and her super high crit rate which is further increased by S&D extra crit, you can stack incredible amounts of temp hp. And then ofc, she still has her ULT. Also, again, S&D push stab ignores shields, making it very easy to dispatch Shielded SV.

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This is where I’d put my off-meta build

… if I HAD ONE

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