Use Diamantine for stat swap + small rant about RNG

Just like the title says, it would be super neat if we could do a stat swap using Diamantine. For example. I just got a MK II Thunder Hammer with 79 or 80 in every single stat… except damage, it has a 56 in damage. So despite being a base 376 weapon, its useless.

A way to make it not useless (at least potentially… still gotta roll perks and blessings, so it could still end up being useless lul) would be to make it so we can use Diamantine to swap one stat for another. For example swapping Damage with Defense on my Hammer so i had 80 damage and 57 defense.

Generally speaking the crafting has too much RNG, there’s no way to guarantee you can get a good version of the weapon you want. Compare that to Vermintide 2 where you had Veteran Weapons (guaranteed max stats for those who don’t know), red dust for grinding veteran weapons up so that you could upgrade a weapon into a veteran weapon, and infinite rerolls on all relevant stats so make sure you could get exactly the weapon you wanted. I’m not saying we should be able to get guaranteed max stat weapons like in vermintide, but being able to reroll to perks and blessings we want would make the game a lot more fun for a lot of people.

It felt really rewarding to get a red item from a chest, because even if it wasn’t what you wanted, it was a way to progress toward what you wanted. In Darktide all we have is RNG and pray that we get lucky. The problem with RNG and exclusively RNG is that some people are just really unlucky. I’ve bought probably 50 Voidstrike staffs from Brunt and i’ve gotten exactly one with 80 damage and 80 blast radius… and i got stamina and sprint speed for perks. That just feels really really bad tbh. Its very deflating when you either A: can’t even get a base rating weapon you want. and B: when you do, you have to get lucky with the perks and blessings. I don’t find myself excited to roll stats on a weapon, i dread it. I think “here we go again, another potentially good weapon that will probably end up going in the trash.” and the vast majority of the time, I’m right.

I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that we don’t play for RNG chasing the absolute best 550 rating item, perfect perks and blessings, and once we get it we’ll stop playing. We play for the gameplay. I am confidant that the layer upon layer upon layer of RNG is hurting your playerbase numbers more than it’s helping.