Upgrading weapons in CW

So should you start upgrading your weapons straight away or should you wait to get the red upgrade?
Does it cost the same?

Usually it isn’t worth it to upgrade to green or blue. Quite often I even hold off untill red. Regardless of the quality of your weapon - white, orange, or anything inbetween - the upgrade to red costs just as much.

Buying a random weapon instead of upgrading your current is cheaper and might sometimes be worth it, but it’s a crapshoot what you get and I usually dislike doing that as well.

I usually save or spend my coins on boons instead. Their impact is usually bigger than that of a low tier weapon upgrade.


You can gamble on an early green/blue for a +Pilgrim’s Coins

As a host, upgrading your weapons is the only way to boost the Bots’ power level

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I normally upgrade in rotation. Melee green, range blue, melee orange, range red.

Usually, you find so many pilgrim’s coins that you can upgrade without issues and still have enough for boons.

Depends on how many coins you manage to get, adapting to that is usually the correct thing for there is no real “this is always the right thing” method.

…Well unless talking something more specific like “whats right to do if you got got a lot?” to which the answer is “spend it on good things”

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I usually upgrade from white to blue, and from there to red.
Blue to white is comparable to getting a boon, in terms of power and it’s cheap-ish.
Also two properties give a decent chance to get a good one.

It depends on many factors but I usually like to gamble at least 1 green or blue in hopes for + pilgrim coins roll. If you are lucky and get both melee/ranged to have say +20% roll then you can pretty much buy everything you want without really worrying about the costs.

Otherwise if I’m flowing on cash I might do few upgrades depending on the career and weapon at hand but mainly save those coins for shrines or boons.
If I’m extremely unlucky on boons front I might consider earlier weapon upgrades just to be useful.

It also depends if you are willing to use random rolled weapons, if you are just goin flat upgrade route I would only consider 1 weapon upgrade before yellow/red tier because the costs are usually not worth it.

But really everything said here depends so much on the economy you have right now, what kind of maps and enemies you are facing and if you are getting lucky on the boons front or if your teammates are.

I always take the first blue I am willing to take. (aka do I want to switch the weapon of that slot) or not. Simply for the power. After that I just take reds. (Unless I try to get a specific weapon or hate my current one.)
In the earlier expeditions I sometimes take orange weapons if I fear to not get fully reds.

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