Updates (text) might garner support

Weekly updates (bi-weekly?) on ‘What You Are Working On This [period]’ might really help keeping players interested. Please give us information regularly.

Maybe I’m missing them? If so, maybe they should be more obvious?


I sense positivity and hopefulness in this thread.

The Inquisition has been notified.


Understanding weakens the will to act


You’ve got more chance of a life size cast iron statue of Danny DeVito giving you play by play commentary on the Superbowl.

FS offices are in pandemonium, I reckon they’re literally running around crashing into each other with no plan whatsoever how to even begin to put out the fires. I bet its absolutely bananas working there right now.



Hope is superfluous
You need understand nothing to do your duty
Duty is vital, understanding is not


The current excuse is the new CM is learning her role and preparing the information.

Being that she couldnt be released from her contract on time for Darktide launch.

Which means Fatshark waited until the last second to hire a CM for Darktide.

Which means that Fatshark has no fvcking idea what they are doing as usual.

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It’s true, it would be nice to get regular updates of what is planned in the next sprint or epic (excluding commercially sensitive items), but we’d be pressed to find a business that would publish that. Sometimes things in sprint have to be moved out of sprint, some moved in, some things get resized as the work needed is reassessed or blockers prevent it from being completed. This is something that’s difficult enough to communicate to stakeholders within the organisation let alone customers. This is why we will only ever see a loose time frame for something that’s nailed down, or time frames for things completed/in the review stage for release.

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More transparency is always a good thing.

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You dream… they can’t succeed to fullfill their promises and communicate once a month at max… Read what CMs write and you will understand that they need 3 weeks to write a community update.