Upcoming content based on character banter

Let’s assume that the banter mentioned below is foreshadowing content (I’m personally convinced that’s the case for most examples, but hey…), what do we have so far, with some Pros & Cons in terms of likelihood to actually happen:

  1. Ratling Snipers: this banter’s been in game since beta? Vets mostly initiate it (something something BEST SNIPERS IN THE GUARD!). I’ve heard remarks by Psychers how Ratlings are also very lazy. Ogryns note how tiny they are. If a new class is introduced, I’d say:
  • they’d be short, akin to Bardin (or shorter? :D)
  • obviously long-range with a unique sniper variant, maybe as a Class Skill like the Bounty Hunter’s shot from V2?
  • an ability akin to the Huntsman and the Ranger form V2 - “Shoot Sharp and Scarper” style would also make sense.
  • would benefit the most from cover. Still, the T4 and T5 gunner aimbot is undefeated…
  • due to the size they’d have to have unique weapons, much like the Ogryn. Not an impossibility, but just looking at what the Ogryn launched with, I have doubts.
  1. Ecclesiarchy Involvement: notably from the male and female Fanatic VA. They remark how glorious it’d be for the Holy Church to bring down it’s forces upon Atoma. The female even imagines Sisters of Battle and their golden halos. I don’t think an actual SoB class is coming - the lore doesn’t make sense and SoBs are waaay more powerful and venerable than our rejects. I think it’s far more likely we see a specialty for the Zealot, but what exactly I don’t know. The Adeptus Ministorum has quite the variety of missionaries and evangelists, but that comes too close to the original Preacher, I feel.
  • the recent datamine did mention a holy-er Zealot subclass…
  • it mentioned very little else…
  1. Gun Lugger: today I heard some banter between an Ogryn Bodyguard and a Vet Loose Cannon, in which the Ogryn complains that he’s much too strong for such small guns and states he can carry a bigger one. The Vet lovingly agrees, but remarks that the Ogryn’s doing well enough with these guns, and that he doesn’t want a LASCANNON shot to the back by accident… Hi hi hi…
    Ok, so, given the latest datamine, I’d say a Gun Lugger Ogryn subclass is coming.
  • check the datamine
  • none, more Ogryn is best!
  1. New Enemies: there’re two main banter dialogues I’ve noticed - the one about The Battle of Lion’s Gate (someone correct me if that’s not the correct daemon invasion :D) and a recent mention by a preacher that GASP apparently not even space marines are immune to corruption. The first one I’ve heard from nearly all classes in some form, the essence being that if Terra is not absolutely secure, Tertium certainly isn’t. The Psyker mentions Custodes in this banter (if I recall, or maybe other VAs do as well), which is heresy, just saying… The second one I’ve heard only from a Fanatic zealot today.
  • daemon enemies are almost certainly going to be a thing, I think. How exactly is pure speculation, but the possibilities are broad.
  • a CSM boss akin to Bödvarr is likely, I think.
  • a Nurgle CSM special/elite is unlikely, but I’d personally like one. The Crushers took the place of Rothelms, so that’s settled.
  • not so much cons, but rather temperance of expectations. I wouldn’t hope for revolutionary new designs. An event or mission type and a few new enemies later down the line, with a boss CSM is the most likely.
  1. The Other Hive City: there’s so much banter about it, enough for a few YT mixes (which… I’m certain there are). What really does it for me is a Loner psyker line about how he can “hear” the people in the other Hive, at which point we get the usual “Never you mind. It ain’t good to be askin’ questions like that.” retort from Mr. Armageddon Steel Handlebars.
  • there will be new levels, obviously
  • I know the point of the game was the Hive(s) but I wouldn’t mind some levels outside. Some wastelands etc.
  1. Assassins: this one maybe connects to point #2, although the Adeptus Ministorum and the Officio Assassinorum are two different organizations. In terms of banter it’s similar, with many of the VAs mentioning assassin involvement (The Professional and The Judge for sure).
  • Not sure if entire new class or a subclass, but either way it’d be refreshing and there are already existing mechanics from V2, mostly the V2 Shade’s “Stealth”.
  • If they drop an entire class, there’d be wonderful subclass potential.
  • Can’t think of any, really. So long as it happens.
  1. The Cicatrix Maledictum and the Indomitus: I don’t know what to make of this. Even Ogryns are asking about it (adorable slabs of brutal violence as they are). I mostly feel this is just lore intended to place the game in the current timeline. No pros and cons here, just speculation and admiration for the one VA line that remarks about how “Guilliman likes his crusades and all…”

  2. Law & Order: there are many lines about the lawlessness of certain levels, but those are more lore oriented, I feel. There are lines about Enforcers by the Savant VA. In general, I don’t think this is intended to foreshadow anything. I do think that more than Ratlings or Assassins, a Hive Ganger class should take up that suggestive 5th slot.

And that’s all I got off the top of my head. Back to farming Scriptures.

Do expand the list if you’ve noticed something yourselves or I missed an obvious one.