UNOFFICIAL Quality (?) Art

Hello everyone:

I had a Graphic Design Final in which I had to make a Game Box Art cover. Naturally, I chose V2 since I couldn’t find a Console version of the box. So I made one! Again, this isn’t the official Xbox One Cover, it was made for a college assignment, and I am simply looking for input, constructive criticism and find out what people think about it.

If you want to turn this into a Fan-Art page, then that’s also great. The more the merrier! :smiley:


Instead of the grey side and back, you could use the “smoke” from the intro

But else, looks good :slight_smile:

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the warning is ingormation, looks great though.

Carrying over the background from the front all the way around the case would unify the cover a bit i think, and is actually a fairly common thing on a lot of game covers. Basically along the same lines of what flammable90 is saying.

i like the part where bardin is in the front


lol. “Get behind my shield”

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Hey, Bardin, what time is it?