Unintentional Mace + Shield 1/2-shots on GK?

Push-Attack > Light.

This combo is really fast and running the Crit build with it allows you to one-shot SV, Maulers, Berserkers and Monks, with a Crit headshot (on the initial Push-Attack) or just 2 shot them with the combo, when the fast uppercut Crits.

I’m really enjoying it, I just wondered if Fatshark intended to make it so strong on GK. If you get lucky it can feel a bit overtuned, but it’s very strong. I’m competing some of his other Melee Weapons while playing it.

  • Spamming it isn’t a problem with the Stamina Regen Talent + Stamina Regen on Trinket
  • THP on Kill works with this Weapon
  • It can even replace Exe Sword as an Elite killer, and you can run another Shield Weapon to be defensive with
  • It’s extremely good and safe VS Patrols
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No, please don’t change the weapon because it’s good on Grail Knight! GK is a melee powerhouse, who basically gets 25% damage for free, and who’s melee power is his entire class. The weapon itself is, for the fist time in the history of Vermintide ever, in a good spot! Please don’t adjust weapons until they’re just right on GK, because then they’ll be weak on everything else. GK simply makes weapons OP, that’s his thing. He can make any weapon OP, so balancing around his power is crazy.


It’s off topic, but, I wish they make an Bretonnian illusions for rest of Kruber’s shields. Or even better, for ALL his weapons.

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You should have seen what they did to Sienna’s Mace. Since the beta, the mace first two attack has been so fast you can just do light > light > block cancel and it’s much faster than chaining 4 light attack.


I like it, but when you do half of a SV patrol with bodyshots on Cata, it feels a bit much.

Nononono. I still remember the Push-Attack buff they got rid of. :’)

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That is squarely a Grail Knight problem, not a M/H&S problem. Neither FK, Huntsman, Merc, Ranger, nor IB can do that. Nerfing a weapon that is just right for all but one of the classes that can use it, just because GK is good at single target damage (which is his entire schtick!) is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. GK can mince a SV patrol without M&S just fine anyways. Nerf the weapon and GK uses another one to the same effect, and everybody else uses another one as well because it now sucks again.


I don’t think it’s dumb at all. The safety of that Weapon combined with the killing power on him is a potential problem. They’re obviously not going to nerf GK for the sake of Mace and Shield, and they’re it’s not clear to me that the combo nor the inherent Crit change effecting him in this way is their intended outcome.

You don’t really need massive amounts of experience to do the Push-Attack > Light combo, see how fast it is, consider the fact that it also has inherent Crit% and higher damage (outside of even going for a headshots), to know that it may become too strong on GK.

The Crit% on that attack is questionable anyway, because most people run Opportunist and so they don’t need the Crit for SS. And they’ve changed the Combo so you can just Push > Charged for the slams, so you don’t need SS to make that go faster either.

Giving it higher damage wouldn’t be a problem and avoids the (most likely) unintentional strength it gives to GK.

The speed and safety from which you can kill so many Elites makes it better than half of his actual DPS Weapons.


I assume you mean remove the bonus crit chance and replace with higher damage? Sounds ok to me.

On another note are the newly changed mace + shield and xsword the only kruber weapons with bonus crit chance? The GK talent seems like a strange fit with his other weapons.

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Yeah, but he’s still capable of huge amounts of damage with the Power or the Crit build.

I’m using Power + old Greatsword and it’s really good.

Not sure if they actually wanted to make WHC#2 or what, but clearly adding inherent Crit to Kruber’s Weapons is going to be an issue for him.

Exe Sword is slow enough and unsafe enough, that you can’t one-shot everything whenever you want. M+S has removed the risk.

My friend is running M+S with DPS stats and then another Shield Weapon to go defensive. :rofl: I should add that On-Kill THP is working with this build.


When GK first came out I played the crit talent with bret shield. The idea was just to mash those light bashes at mach4, and while it worked it was extremely unreliable. Sometimes a crit bash would kill a group of stacked up berserkers, sometimes it would only kill one, sometimes it kills nothing. Though I assume it’s a hinky interaction with how shield bashes work. :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t played with that. Mostly that build is worthwhile with WHC, or using the Exe Sword to pick off Elites. (and obviously M+S now)

It’s one of those mechanics where it’s inherently awkward to balance for, as it doesn’t require headshots, doesn’t require backstabs and works with Cleave, which Crits give you. So if they made too many things work around it, it would become broken fast. It still works well in the ways I mentioned, but I’d much rather see that Charged Power Talent changed for something better.

Meh. I always feel that if a certain weapon is OP on one single class and fine on everything else, the problem is in the class and that should be changed, rather than messing with the weapon which will affect the balance for a number of other classes. (And I mean, auto kill on crit, what were they thinking?!) I suppose they could remove the crit chance from the uppercut, and then increase the overall attack speed of the other attacks to compensate. That’d solve the “unintended” interaction with GK while keeping the weapon fine.

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Probably that he’d never have a weapon that can abuse it, not being an Elgi and all. How times have changed.

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Pray to Sigmar for Hag changes.

They (fatshark) didn’t think about it too much. They just implemented a popular mod. With, let the community decide, you can easilly identify weapons that the mod devs don’t have a lot of experience with and also their favorite weapons.
Most of FS dev responses do not represent the weapon mechanics, just their final output you can see on score board table.
And with so many complex mechanics there will be fk ups.

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