Under-Utilized Game Experience Requiring Incentives

The deamonhost and grimoire special conditions need to be incentivized.
With the current lack of total RNG missions generated for heresy and damnation, the gameplay feels repetitive.

Scripture and Grimoire contract? Just do scripture missions.
Daemonhost spawned twice in the mission? Skip it.
2 Monstrosities spawned in the match? That’s a painful and enticing experience

With these in mind, there is a lack of variety to be had with these additional conditions.
As a result, grimoires should be worth at least twice as much compared to scriptures resulting in 4 points towards the contract.

Daemonhost should add a post-game effect where resources gathered are increased by 10% per successful kill. Perhaps completing those special conditions or other intense modifiers should add to the resources boost.

Imagine having a full mission terminal with 15-20 damnation missions that can potentially offer on average 30% resource boost on game completion by completing a grimoire mission and defeating 2 daemonhosts. That will be quite the experience, I say.

Also, even if you did have dedicate damnation missions in the terminal (which would be awesome btw), it would still need incentivizing and potentailly reduce total preferable missions in half.


Change the contract.
Nobody cares for them no matter the reward. They’re a bad game mechanic.

Yes, it’s literally the function of the DH. Make you stay aware of your surroundings to avoid making a trap (the DH) spring.
Skipping it is literally completing the event correctly.

The game’s objective is to reach the extraction, not to kill enemies.

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Yeah the DH really serves the same purpose as the Witch from L4D: it’s an obstacle you are supposed to avoid which eats resources if not avoided and can be dealt with but not easily.

The last thing I want to do is incentivize people running up, stacking it, getting killed and then doing a bunch of damage to the team because “muh reward”.

Grims just are a holdover from Vermintide and I feel like are mostly here out of obligation more than anything else.

It increases difficulty but with Malk bucks being what they are it’s pretty much pointless to run those missions with the side objective in mind.

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Well, you can always have the person who lured the DH to die and only kill them and disappear. Then vote to kick them for their toxic behavior. Other than that, this should prompt the team to at least discuss it more often than not in chat if it will be worthwhile

Once again, it’s the gameplay experience that will be lost.
I can see the potential in the curios once they fix the weapon RNG and actually have some decent weapons availabe.
But that’s besides the point. Players should be incentivized to take more risk for more reward.

In theory yeah but it kills 1-2 people and currently the agro mechanics are odd. There have been more than 1 instance of someone smacking the DH and it deciding to go after a random teammate for some reason.

I would be fine with roaming DHs L4D 2 style to shake things up but I would rather not do a reward entirely because I can see DH incidents spiking 900%

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The only way to counter that would be the offer similar rewards which correlates with not killing the DH. Perhaps mission completion time.

Say complete the mission in under 30 minutes and you get 10%. Fairly passive and objective oriented. But you stand to lose out on an additional 10% from spending more time killing 2 DH in a single run

What game experience? Seeing your life with a purle hue?

It’s fine if you don’t understand what I’m getting at.

But the gameplay sweetspot is between damnation high-intensity modifiers and high-intenseity heresy auric. However, auric doesn’t offer much in terms of resources aside from ordo dockets and GPU intense waves of hordes. Anything less than standard damnation feels underwhelming and a breeze without constant engagement.

I want a reason to coordinate with a team and fight the DH.

Picture this scenario which may have happened a few times for you:
Find the DH, but there’s a horde, wave of specialists and a monstrosity. But, you just need to fall back to a safe area, then proceed to clear the horde and specialists while kiting the monstrity and then avoid the DH. Pretty simple.

  1. Not enough HP to fight the DH? Avoid it.
  2. Or everyone is competent and can at least manage 1 DH encounter? Then plan it. If you played long enough to have a decent build to at least encounter a DH but not use it… it feels like wasted effort to think of strategy that will never be implemented.

You can already do everything, you just want others to be enticed into playing the way you want.

Go on Discord or in the LFG and find other 3 players who want to collect Grimoirs while pissing off the DH.

That’s if it’s actually the difficulty that you’re after.
If you need the rewards to play the way you claim you want to play, you’re just spouting nonsense.

I already do that and that’s why I’m writing this post. Those in Discord LFG want a reason to fight the DH. The scenario I gave is a rare scenario which had us hysterical after the fight just to avoid waking
up the DH. A true bonding moment.

I’m all for not fighting the DH, but I constantly hear chatter how they wish the DH had some kind of reward or incentive. Usually the DH is alone and it takes 10-20 seconds out of the gameplay to avoid it.

Even if we did agreed to fight the DH, we didn’t have a DH build to withstand it because… why would randoms looking for a group have that build unless we agreed ahead of time? We already know that it is impractal and useless to fight the DH. I think I need you to understand that. Avoiding the DH is a no-brainer, but leaves much to be desired.

Once again, and I’m not sure if you are understanding what I mean by missing game experience. Any group can fight the DH if they have the right team composition. But that composition in itself has ramifications on the mission as well.

No ogryn tank? Then do we have a psyker that can fend the attacks?
Anyone with high close quarters DPS? That means one less individual to handle hordes or rangers. Maybe shift that responsibility to someone else? Oh, they don’t have a build for that? We’ll wing it and deal with that later. Team composition has strengths and weaknesses. Planning ahead or playing it by ear will affect the game experience.

Perhaps someone wants to try their new DPS build, or only one person has a decent DPS build forcing someone else to tank. Thus, a new gaming experience. It was even a new gaming experience for me having someone in discord say they’re the “DH removal service” who ran a specialized anti-DH build.

We had a lot of fun killing the DH because we had confidence in our team composition and to try something new, even if we were spectating someone smack her.

Speaking of which, DH should have some other changes that may prompt a team to attack near it. Maybe place more rangers or specialists/elites around it causing us to be even more aware of our surroundings and communication. As it stands, DH serves no purposes a majority of the time; it’s just a minor inconvenience. Try and make it a bigger inconvenience on higher difficulties with the payoff of more rewards.

Thats not its design paradigm. Encouraging it is literally fighting the eneffable design. I’m glad you can kill it and i think it should eventually be an assassination target.

grimores are a holdover from vermintide, they no longe make narrative sense and the bonus they provided has been removed from how drops work in this game entirely. just get rid of them or tie them to some new special event when needed.

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As mentioned prior, there should also be an incentive to not fight it as well. Based on time completion or 0 DH awakened encounters which should apply a passive bonus. Maybe +5% resources per DH encounter and an additional +5% on kill. You still come out on top for not choosing to screw the team over.

Also, the eneffable design? I don’t think I saw an announcement telling us to stop killing the DHs on sight.

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