Unchained's Health to cooldown talent devours health even when your ult bar is filled

Title. It should probably stop eating away at your healthbar if your ult is already full.


pretty sure that function is intended

Which is pretty weird, given the description.

How so? 'Tis supposed to be turning health into ult bar. Once the bar is full, there’s nothing to be turning that health into, it just deletes health from existance.

I figured it was intended, too, since going max overcharge is supposed to be punishable.

But this is punishing you picking the talent and nothing more, and not only that, it is punishing you for picking it in the only situation where picking the talent wouldn’t benefit you at all.

You’re supposed to explode and die when you max overcharge, right? This talent stops the explosion, but eats health to refill the ult bar so you can explode to live.

I figured that was just how it worked :man_shrugging:

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You lose health naturally when overheating anyway.
About 45 without the talent, 104 with the talent. Activating Living Bomb sooner will result in less HP lost ofc.

It could be a bug or an intended drawback.
Either way, it’s just punishing you for not pressing F/Action skill quick enough.
But it’s a nice safety net elsewhere when living bomb isn’t available.


Pretty much what Danny said, I figured the idea was to force you to press F

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