Unchained's active's functional radius does not match the SFX

Unchained’s active’s functional radius does not match the SFX.

Hola! Could you clarify a bit more? Do you mean SFX or VFX?

Definitely the ring on the ground that shows how far it should reach(when you hold F). I had a buddy look at the flame and it appears the explosion and fire patch on the ground also match the ring on the ground. So all of the visual stuff you see. The actual damage/stagger is further than that though, so they’re not matching.

So that’s called VFX and not SFX?

vfx is visual effects, sfx is sounds effects

I was thinking special effects(SFX) for all the pretty effects and such. It’s what I had always seen it referred to as. I’ll remember that in the future though. Thanks.

Is that adequate information?

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