Unchained talent issues (Chain Explosion/Enfeebling Flames)

Unchained has fortunately seen several improvements to her talents, but she still has two noticeably problematic ones. Chain Explosion and Enfeebling Flames.

  • Chain Explosion

    • The description isn’t good at all. Because it reads: “Burning enemies have a small chance to explode on death”. How it works is if Unchained kills any enemy that’s burning, the effect applies. That includes enemies that team mates lit on fire(such as Bardin with Drakefire weapons). The burn doesn’t have to be the killing blow, they need only be lit on fire and Unchained is the killer. The “explosion” also has no damage and does minor stagger.
  • Enfeebling Flames

    • In general, burns last for an exceptionally short period of time, which made certain talents difficult to proc or practically valueless. This is the case with a talent like “Enfeebling Flames: Burning enemies deal 30% less damage” because all burn applicators are going to stagger horde enemies and sometimes larger, so by the time they recover and potentially hit you, the burn is gone and the talent no longer has value. Due to the addition of Fire Aura and rework of Searing Grasp, it will actually see some practical use.

Chain reaction can be proc’d more frequently using staves (such as Flamestorm) or even Fire Sword. In the BBB(Big Balance Beta) the talent “Searing Grasp” was actually made more useful: [PC] Big Balance Beta - Available Now! ( Searing Grasp - (Modified) Increased duration of DoT effect to 4 seconds. Heavy attacks increase the push angle of the next push by 80%. )

However, the problems with Enfeebling Flames applies here. Burn applicators stagger. Chain reaction does nothing special. It does no damage. It can be unreliable. Searing Grasp is on the same tier as Chain Explosion, so the rework to Searing Grasp does nothing for Chain Explosion.

Enfeebling Flames only has any potential value whatsoever if it is paired with Searing Grasp or the new Fire Aura. If that’s Fatshark’s goal, then they’ve accomplished it. If their goal was to make Enfeebling Flames more universally useful as a stand alone talent, then they should’ve just made it give its effects on the enemy for a duration rather than being restricted to the timer of the applied burn.


The only glaring issue Unchained has is Burning Dregs being to strong. But to the actual thread topics:

I am pretty sure that it was indeed the goal they strived for. I mean what you noted is correct that the fire dot debuff is wasted in most situations as enemies are staggered nearly as long as the dot itself. So in order to get a notable use of Enfeebling Flames you need a fire dot which takes longer than accompanying stagger effects. As such Enfeebling Flames (outside of Monster niche) is meant to be taken together with either Searing Grasp, Fire Aura or both which is a good design decision. Because what would be the alternative?

  • Enfeebling Flames increases the fire dot time: This would make Enfeebling Flames both a defense and offense talent which in most cases where this happens/ed in the game causes/d balance Problems. Would limit weapon choice.
  • Enfeebling Flames increases the fire dot time but decreases damage per time unit equally so that overall damage stays the same: That would have a huge impact and would dictate the whole build to a defensive nature. Which would be okay, but for my taste the impact would be to huge. Also, would limit weapon choice.
  • Enfeebling Flames increases the fire dot time with damage only be dealt of first tick and the remaining four+ ticks do no damage at all: Would work quite well on ranged but it would still heavily favour the use of Fire Sword for melee which is a bad design decision as it limits weapon choice.

The current solution for Enfeebling Flames is near optimal. Let us be realistic. When do you need enemies to deal less damage? If you are in melee range of them. This function is covered by Searing Grasp which enables you to use all of her melee weapons without drawbacks for the talent. Making the dot application separate from the main attack means like slashing is a wise choice.
The only other case where Enfeebling Flames would be useful is to assist allies with your ranged, mainly when they are down. In that case the horde enemies will be staggered anyway while stronger enemies like Chaos Warriors still have applied the effect so the prolonged dot time isn’t necessary if you just spam enough. All of this is if you want to use Enfeebling Flames against hordes. You can of course opt out of Searing Grasp and still have a niche against monsters or active skill usage. So yea, current solution is good design-wise and most likely intended as such.

As for Chain Reaction. I am still quite irritated by that one. From my own last test it didn’t seem that any burning enemy explodes but indeed only those dying by burning (so in accordance to description). Also it may do very very minimal damage. Also got conflicting reports from other players, so that I consider the chance that it may not trigger correctly in the modded realm at all. So or so, it is still an odd talent.

As for the synergy effect between Searing Grasp and Chain Explosion not possible currently (would be minimal anyway). You could solve this by switching the position of Chain Reaction and Burning Dregs. It would compete with Enfeebling Flames then but that would be okay thematically. And you would create a synergy between Burning Dregs and Natural Talent which would also be a plus.

TLDR: Enfeebling Flames is near optimal solution, no change needed. Chain Reaction is odd and always has been. Burning Dregs is the only glaring issue for Unchained because to strong.


Lot of good points. Despite being really strong I’ve enjoyed having a bot not die all the time thanks to Burning Dregs. Contrary to before where bots would blow up all the time.

For a talent that sounds as cool as “Chain Explosion”, you’d think it’d have more oomph. Or anything at all, really.

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