Unchained rework concept – more risk/reward, melee focused and easier to learn for new players

Objectives for the rework:

  • Make Unchained less tanky but give her more tools to actively avoid damage
  • Make her more powerful at high overcharge, compared to the live version
  • Make her melee-focused, but still able to cast from time to time (just not able to spam magic)
  • Make it easier for new players to learn to play her without exploding


Base HP – reduce from 150 to 100.

Blood Magic (passive) – leave as it is: 50% damage taken transferred to Overcharge.

Slave to Aqshy (perk) – change to: No Overcharge slowdown. All ranged attacks cost 4 times more Overcharge.

Unstable Strength (perk) – change to: At high Overcharge, increase Attack Speed by up to ~40% and Power by up to ~20% (both melee and ranged).

Expend Heat (new perk) – Upon reaching critical Overcharge, prevents exploding and violently expends all heat, staggering (but not damaging) nearby enemies. Has a cooldown (anywhere between 60 and 120 seconds).

Living Bomb (active ability) – change to: Sienna explodes, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Damage is based on the current Overcharge. No longer clears Overcharge. At full Overcharge should do enough damage to kill Cata Marauders. Radius similar to Kaboom.


  • Unchained will have much less effective health than before, but still much more than Pyro or BW (even if BW has a 30% Damage Reduction talent). I want to give Unchained more damage, but that has to come at the expense of tankiness – otherwise there will be no sense playing Pyro or BW.
  • Unchained will not be able to spam magic because each cast should fill about 40% of her overcharge bar. However, she will still be able to cast by reaching 100% overcharge, waiting a few seconds before it cools down to 95% and casting again. However, her spells will charge faster and hit harder due to Attack Speed / Power bonus at high Overcharge.
  • Unchained will be more effective in melee than she is now. I chose a high Attack Speed bonus as her main boost because it works greatly on Slayer and Zealot, making them feel super strong in melee. The added Power bonus should also help, increasing stagger/cleave as well as damage. (In the live version of the game her 60% Melee Power don’t affect stagger and is additive with Properties).
  • And finally the most important point: the role of “save me from exploding” feature is transferred from the active ability to a new passive. It essentially does the same thing, with one major difference: it should be easier for new players to learn to use. The problem with the ability is that new players always use it to do damage to enemy hordes, while the proper way to use it (in the Live version of the game) is to always save it until you need it to prevent exploding. With the suggested changes, using the ability to damage hordes will no longer be counter-productive.


Unchained’s talents will require extensive changes. 15% Attack Speed talent should be removed – Unstable Strength perk should provide enough power on its own. Bulwark should be changed to Smiter.

In general, talents should not provide significant DPS boosts – instead they should be focused on utility and survivability – e.g. something like Dawi Defiance, dodge range, etc.

Things like Enfeebling Flames and Searing Grasp can be kept as they are.

Lvl 20 talents (Dissipate, Conduit and Numb to Pain) should all be removed – Unchained will no longer be focused on manual venting. Instead I suggest making a row of talents that provide the player various ways to speed up the cooldown of Expend Heat. Example:

Talent 1: While Sienna is at 0% Overcharge, Expend Heat cooldown recovers X% faster
Talent 2: While Sienna is above 80% Overcharge, each kill reduces the current cooldown of Expend Heat by Y seconds (can proc once per Z seconds)
Talent 3: Taking damage reduces the active cooldown of Expend Heat

So the player will be able to choose whether they prefer to stay at 0 overcharge while Expend Heat is unavailable (safety at the cost of power) or to play aggressively but risk exploding.

And that’s it. As always, thanks for reading!

P.S. Another random idea:
Magic Hangover perk (replaces Expend Heat) – Upon reaching critical overcharge, Sienna doesn’t explode but she looses the ability to use her ranged attacks for X seconds, and Blood Magic gets disabled for the same time. So when you screw up you don’t die, but instead you loose your ranged attacks, damage reduction and melee buffs for a while (because no way to gain Overcharge).

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Very brief read, but this kind of feels like a nerf?

The idea is to nerf tankiness but buff damage, and prohibit ranged-focused playstyles. And also make it easier for new players to not explode.

Or just give her a sweet flaming Zweihänder (just joking but not really).

I’d really just like to see a slight attack speed buff on unstable strength (5-10%) with additional stagger/cleave on high overcharge. Maybe a 90 second career skill CD to give it more versatility.

My take:

I dont think her core playstyle is bad and I wouldnt want to see too much change, but we could promote her Tanking in a very sienna way.

  • Make the ‘Burning enemies deal 30% less damage’ a passive

  • Give her a lot more ways to burn things in melee.

The burning push talent is already great for giving burn to non-fire weapons, but we can go further. A talent where ‘overkill’ damage on a target gets applied to other nearby targets as burn damage, or another where venting ignites enemies in a large area proportional to your overheat.

You can then have a talent row that has additional affects on burning enemies, like lowering their movespeed or making them easier to stagger

The overall affect would be for sienna to ‘tank’ not by just being good at absorbing damage, but by actively debuffing large numbers of targets by being highly aggressive. She would be encouraged to wade through a horde, igniting as many targets as possible.
(hell, we could have some buff that stacks up the more targets are on fire)

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I want a fire aura ult or talent that scales up with overheat. Something like 5 damage/s at 1.5m radius (melee range) when you just hit red, and scaling up to 10 damage/s at 1.5m and 5 damage/s at 3.5m when at max overheat.

If it is an ult, it could vent heat instead of an explosion, where it provides an initial knock back and vents and lasts as long as there is heat (meaning if you keep getting hit or keep casting your aura can be up for a longer period of time). Alternatively if it is a talent, it could double the aura damage for 1s whenever you get hit.

This would provide unchained with a very strong and unique melee range (aoe) power that encourages high overheat and deep into the horde kind of playstyle to maximize the damage dealt regardless of the weapon. It also would be extremely thematic with unchained.

Bonus: aura causes FF to further emphasize how unhinged sienna has become.

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Do not like. Changes the most fun-to-play career in the game into just another “press F to kill” build.

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