Unchained Health to cooldown

Hey, i’m main sienna, played her for hundreds hours and the “new” talent “health to cooldown” look more like a passive ability than a talents… i mean, in the same lane as “enfeebling flames” and “natural talent” it make the two of them useless.
So i’m just thinking of it about some days and i think the best way to make the two other playable is to make “health to cooldown” a passive for sienna and make a new talent for the lvl 25 talents.
(maybe a talent that make “blood magic” tranferred 5% more to overcharge can be nice cause it’s similare to “natural talents”)
Cause for now, “health to cooldown” is far better than the other talents.

Edit: the other solution is to:
1- delete health to cooldown to let other talents be.
2- nerfed health to cooldown to generate xx% max of ult
3- rework unchained to make it less tanky but overheat less frustrating and let unchained make more damage.


Agreed. A faster cooldown/ or at least a bigger safety net for her ultimate was one of the priority things the Unchained has needed for a long time. Now making it a talent just means it’s going to be a top pick for anyone who realizes just how great it is. Even after its original nerf during the Beta, it’s still a talent that gives Unchained a huge amount of survivability.

Have you tried playing with Unchained bot yet?

Health to Cooldown is WAY too strong to be a passive.

If it needs to be moved then it should be an ult talent choice.

Y’all can’t keep asking for every talent you like to be a passive.


I think it would be wiser to remove Health to Cooldown and venting on Living Bomb all together in favour of a more balanced/simpler defensive passive for a few reasons.

  1. It’s counter intuitive to exhaust overcharge on ult considering she is stronger at higher heat.
  2. Some players feel the need to hold onto Living Bomb way past the 120 second cooldown in fear it might be down on the off chance they blow up.
  3. Tying into point 2, Unchained will be able to use Living Bomb more aggressively and freely if her lifeline isn’t tied to it.
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yup, sure, but the only way living bomb can be use freely is if sienna unchained can’t die by explode… like loosing 50hp instead of dying

this is why this need to be a passive, but NERFED.
Maybe something like it took too much time to get your entire ult then you explode if you aren’t at 60% ult charged when overheat. (i mean, health to cooldown need to give 40% ult charge MAX) to just get a “safe” capacity of using your ult to other thing than overheat.

Yeah, something like that.
A passive that chunks her HP on attacks that would blow her up instead of dying.
Her increased base HP would be meaningful, valuable and UC will be more likely to die from health loss instead of blowing up while above 100HP.

Any attacks that would blow her up could just ignore Blood Magic and go straight into her health bar (the full 100%)

Sienna Unchained had high survivability pre BBB, with Damage reduction, venting on block and Bomb Balm making her very difficult to kill and able to Tank through many situations. [edit] she did suffer a little on damage output though.

You seriously can’t be suggesting we have health to cooldown as a passive, enfeebling flames, dissipate and heavy attack burn push all stackable with Living Bomb Balm to save you if you’re blind drunk and can’t see the screen. How many safety nets do you want?

My actual concern with Health to Cooldown is that it gives a disgusting amount of ranged capability and coupled with Fuel to the Fire can give you a huge burst of tank damage in the middle of a patrol with her as well.

By using health potions as a kind-of Purple Pot you can hog all the healing, blast your way through the run and don’t give AF about anything else. Hell you can tank overheads a couple of times if you like for the hell of it.

Burning Dregs does need looking at, but not as a passive - more because it can allow you some manic burst damage - like 70 fireballs in a Trolls face with Barrage burst damage. Or Fuel to the fire facetank a Patrol with a Crowbill Damage.


But she doesn’t need it. The character isn’t supposed to be truly tanky (unless you always vent/never use overcharge power like Siennabot).

Health to Cooldown talent completely changes the way the character plays, adding it as a passive just takes away part of her identity and the risk to playing as her in the first place. FS literally gave her the actual best safety net talent we could ever hope for. She shouldn’t be allowed to have any version of this, weaker or not, and still have access to the equally amazing utility builds she has, like the flame aura/Enfeebling Flames build, or straight power builds.

Like, honestly, Unchained players do not impact my enjoyment, even if QP UC’s are facetanking and ulting every minute. She’s nowhere near the level of broken as previous classes. Slightly overtuned, but y’all are asking for a fix where nothing is broke.

Except for Chain Reaction, I guess… f*ck chain reaction.

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The actual problem is health to cooldown is too op to get on talents, cause if it stay like this, that just gonna be a GODTIER talent and you can’t even think of taking the two other in the same lane.

same answer here… i don’t disagree about health to cooldown are ok, the only problem is the two other talents.
CAUSE IF THAT STAY, you can just delet other lvl 25 talents

Enfeebling flames with Flame Aura and Heavy Burn Push is a really good build for Damage Reduction. I think Natural Talent has always been a bit odd as far as I’m concerned because UC needs to stay at high overcharge really and reducing it doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Burning Dregs is probably in the right talent line I think, but it needs tweaking to stop it being such a powerhouse of damage COUPLED with Bomb Balm makes it too strong healing, and coupled with Fuel to the Fire makes it too high damage output… It might need something like overcharge slowdown after trigger just to reign it in a bit. Make it so that when you trigger it Sienna is completely drained afterwards either through attack speed or stamina. She’s barely on her feet holding it together basically, but it kept you going when you might’ve been downed.

Yeah I can’t deny it definitely rewrites the meta. That thought was why I threw in that line about UC randos in QP not ruining my runs. Not balanced, but not game breakingly bad with the players I run into.

The enfeebling build is also not something I see outside of my pre-made, but that’s 100% because our guy knows the slayer player will always pull chaos pats and that’s when his build shines most.

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To me, unchained can be cool if reworked like;

when you overheat you took 100 damage,
when your heat is at red bar you get slow vent by time,
delete health to cooldown,
Make natural talent switch by 10% less overheat -> 5% more dmg go to overheat for blood magic,
Change ALL of her ult talents,
Fuel for the fire : Each ennemis hit give you 5% cooldown reduce max 30%
Fire Aura: give a fire aura to you and your ally makes ennemis get stagger and every ennemis hit by someone with the buff get on fire
Bomb Balm: activate living bomb automaticly (doesn’t activate cooldown even if you have living bomb ready) when you overheat, 60s cooldown.

I’m not sure this is true though. Health to cooldown is definitely an obvious pick when learning the character, but at higher skill levels enfeebling flames is great support for your whole party, and since it’s a debuff on enemies, I’m fairly sure the damage reduction applies before blood magic, which is already a lot of help reducing the chance of exploding.

I’m gonna second @Adelion’s point in another UC thread that health to cooldown should deactivate your Ult talent when you use your Ult while HTC’s effect is active, meaning you just get your base Ult in those situations. That stops it being abuseable as an offensive tool and should be enough to keep the other talents on that row competitive IMO.

She doesn’t need this as a passive in any form. It’s there as an option for people trying to learn UC, but more experienced players can sub it out to good effect. If HTC didn’t currently also double as a potent offensive tool this would be pretty balanced.

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Unless they recently changed it, dmg reduction only applies to the hp and not to blood magic.

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I thought enfeebling flames was an enemy debuff, not damage reduction, so it modifies the enemy’s attack damage, which intuitively one would expect applies before the blood magic split.

If not that’s pretty silly IMO and should probably be altered to be more in line with the description.

Enfeebling Flames is multiplicative, damage taken to health will be the same either way.
However, it doesn’t affect Blood Magic from what I can see. The only talents/traits that do affect how much overcharge is generated from taking damage is Numb to Pain, Natural Talent and Thermal Equalizer (While ranged weapon is out).

It’s hard to judge how valuable Enfeebling Flames is; 30% damage reduction against burning enemies for the entire team sounds good but enemies die quickly, get staggered easily or can be simply dodged and blocked. When an ally does get hit, you have to ask “Was the enemy that hit him ignited?” Unchained has some dot tools now at least.

Good on paper, but wonky in practice.

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