Unchain blocking

no longer vent? i dont see it in the passive talent bit when holding tab :v

It got moved to the talent Dissipate. image

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o … ok

thx XD

That’s a bad move, since that is now the go-to talent on that row.

If you are set on maintaining the playstyle as it was, certainly. But if you’re willing to try something a bit more active, Conduit (more effective venting) is also very effective; it just needs different actions to work (and personally, I consider it the stronger alternative). I haven’t really tried to use Natural Talent myself, but it seems okay - weaker than the others (without an extra-effective method of reducing heat), but completely passive.

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I’ve enjoyed using dissipate along with block cost reduction since you can seemingly block or push attack for days. I haven’t confirmed, but it seemed to not work so well when I did not host the game though.

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