Unable to replace contract for Sire Melk

Issue Description:
When attempting to re-roll tasks for Sire Melk, he refuses to take my money and give me a new task despite having the requisite 10000 credits.

Crash Report (If Applicable):

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Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Login in as Veteran Sharpshooter
  2. Go to Sire Melk
  3. Attempt to re-roll first task by hitting button.
  4. Receive confirmation message and confirm.
  5. Nothing happens.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/25/2022 8:23 AM CST

Reproduction Rate:

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console-2022-11-25-14.18.54-1a5f7a95-8764-4949-a554-600a11deb401.log (42.5 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (820.0 KB)

I have the same bug on my lvl 30 Zealot, can’t re-roll a 25 mission contract that’s 1/3 done.

We’re looking into this! Thank you for the report.

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Restarting the game and changing operatives did not resolve the issue. :slight_smile:

Update after this afternoon, finally let me reset the quest. Omnissiah be praised.

I am currently suffering from this issue. A few restarts later and it persists day after day.

Edit to add after the contracts reset today, I was able to rest 3 separate contracts, however, once the price reached 7500 to replace, it will no longer allow me to change it. That was the same price when it stopped working previously.