[Ultimate] Kruber Footknight Trample, not displaying icon, keep dummy issue


The Footknight’s talent “Trample” displays a bad icon (the previous one for this talent) instead of the new one while it’s activating.

As shown here :

Talent :

Bottom icon :

Also, Bonus damages +20%, is not working in the keep with dummies. According to “show damage” mod in the modded realm, it’s working in missions though.

Need a fix.

Thank you for reading.

Ah I got why it does not work with dummies, allright, it’s for “ennemies hit by”, dummies are not affected by charge.

Maybe it’s normal it does not display any icon finally? Was intented maybe? Because only ennemies hit by it are affected, but it could be useful to display something to testify the duration of the effect and the number of target(s) hit by, with a number under the icon, as you are used to do for some other talents.

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