UC icon bug?

I noticed I was getting a buff icon while playing Unchained last night but I’m confused about what it is or how I’m getting it.

My current UC talent build:

The buff icons I’m getting:

The 2nd buff icon suggests it’s from the level 30 Fuel for the Fire talent but I am not using it so have no idea why I’m getting it.

I did notice that the icon for her passive Blood Magic is very similar but it doesn’t say anywhere that it yields buff stacks.

Is this buff icon supposed to be for the Blood Magic passive or am I getting Fuel for the Fire stacks when I shouldn’t be getting them?

That is the icon for Blood Magic / Unstable Strength stacks.

(On Ranaldsgift : )

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What are the stacks for though? It doesn’t say anywhere it has stacks up to anything…

I edited my previous answer with a more complete image. Her stacks are similar to Zealot’s Fiery Faith, except it’s on high overcharge instead of missing health (and her stacks go up to 60% power instead of 30-ish).

I wish it was explained better tbh… Or at least give her passive a different icon that isn’t shared with a talent.

Thank you for the answer. It was really bugging me last night.

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