Two handed greatsword is still underwhelming

The recent buffs to the GS are nice don’t get me wrong, but on higher difficulties, especially on cata , it remains a subpar weapon when it comes to armor damage. Meaning that as soon as the BBB is over, it will once again be forgotten and replaced for other more effective weapons.

So what am i proposing?

I would suggest making the transition from a push to a push-attack smoother . As is right now, it almost feels like there’s a solid 1-2 second delay from giving the input to it actually registering it. The push attack is the best way to with armor with the Two handed sword, so it should actually be viable and fluid, not clunky and unresponsive.


GS is in a good place, judging it as a bad weapon (even on cata) is just wrong in my opinion.

It provides huge cleave and kills mobs with mixed elites in it quite fast, but I have to agree it struggels with armor.

I can run it on cata with zero problems thats for sure, and being honest even when I encounter armored enemys I wouldn’t use push stab 90% of the time esp. on hordes, since the normal heavy provides already enough stagger to deal with nearly any situation.


I somehow agree with both of these statements simultaneously.

I mainly use Greatsword on Kruber, especially for Cata+. I’ve only recently started Push-Attacking on Grail Knight, because you mainly use Lights on him and then Heavy when SS procs. The Push-Attack is nice, but I wouldn’t mind if they made it better.

On Merc/FK, you can just Charged spam once you get your AS bonuses up, and it works fine.

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Greatsword hasn’t been a bad weapon since they reworked it a year ago. It doesn’t need to kill armoured elites fast, that’s not its job, it kills all infantry units very well, cleans hordes, especially mixed ones, and wears down armour very nicely. You have 3 other teammates who can absolutely butcher elites, and with enough power and speed buffs from someone like GK, FK, Mercenary, Zealot or WHC you can mince several stormvermin at a time just fine. Honestly WHC with greatsword actually deals with armour very nicely, since flense bypasses that. Can kill CW’s at a very respectful pace, without having to worry too much. It’s just a very safe weapon to use honestly.


Im not saying they need to buff the damage or the cleave, im saying that they should make the animation for the push-attack smoother, that’s all. Right now it’s slow and clunky, same as the longsword push-attack. Making it more fluid, would add more versatility to the weapon.

In that case they should make light attcks unique from heavies and introduce new combos to make the weapon more fun to use. I actually made a thread about this. Weapon Attack Patterns


Although I generally consider GS boring because all the attacks are the same, I do think balance wise its in a good spot.

I actually liked it much more than I thought I would on FK (in cata). I was certain it was going to be a Merc only weapon in my mind but its very solid for FK.

the Push Attack could use more headshot damage because that is its main anti-elite tool. I think Greatsword is destined to be one of those weapons that really just exists so noobs can feel like gods in champion and lower where you don’t encounter as much mixed hordes.

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I think the only people who really need that damage would be GK and Huntsman, as the others can just spam Heavies on Cata.

GK can use Smiter and Huntsman can use the headshot Talent or Crit and play as a support though.

Not quite sure what you mean by this? It’s only downside is that like Shade and FK, they truly pop off when things are extremely difficult. Greatsword is great on Cata and even better on Cata+.

On anything lower it’s probably overkill.

It’s probably the best Melee Weapon in the game when used on Merc in Cata+. Tzeentch just becomes absurd.

Off, I forgot to talk about Saltz:
Zealot and WHC can both do fine with it. WHC can multi headshot 1-shot with a Crit. BH is better with higher mobility Weapons anyway, because his THP options kind of suck.

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That’s honestly all you gotta do. People put way too much priority on the push-attacks. Those are just neat little additions you weave in from time to time. Just keep spamming heavies until whatever in front of you is dead. Still alive? Keep spamming heavies, rip and tear until it is done.


Personally, I think the Great Swords should be more like Bretonnian Longsword, with more damage, cleave, stagger, but slow repeating.

I actually really like greatsword; it’s my favorite weapon to use on Zealot on cata. I’ll use the push attacks when I have the time and space to single out an armored enemy, but otherwise it’s heavy attacks all day.

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I agree with you… maybe I’m crazy but I would like to see how 2h Sword would perform if its push consumed only 1 stamina (half shield). More control and more armor damage.

Thats the problem, isnt it? The only problem, but still quite a huge one. There is zero reason to use anything but heavy attacks.
Whats the point in a weapon being good if its about as fun to play as a broken piano?

It can stay the way it is, sure, but the overall use, which apparently FS is hunting for, wont go up one bit.

Lights are better than Heavies vs Skaven, and before you have SS up.

On GK, I spam Lights, and only use Heavies when I have support or there’s Elites in the Horde.

On FK, I spam Lights until SS and then Heavies if I have enough AS with the AS Push Talent and/or AS Ult Talent.

As far as I can remember, the Lights deal more Stagger and are Faster than Exe Sword Lights, so they’re not all bad, they may even do more damage? ( can’t remember the exact numbers because armory crashes my game since GK).

And before you say it: yes, so do Greatsword Heavies.

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I wish Great Sword became more close to lore-like.

I like the greatsword a lot after the changes, only thing it’s missing is a pommel bash on the special attack button that can stun a single target (for style points). Make it cost a stamina shield like the billhook.

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Well yeah but its actually GREAT on Merc,

With the additional Stagger, Cleave, and Damage from the Power boost the thing works and plays great.

But on FK and Huntsman… well I think they’re going to be in the same shoes of WHC and BH when it comes to 2 Handed Sword.

Just dont have the base skills to use it properly.

Seriously without Flense I doubt you could even use the thing on WHC at higher difficulties. But boy put that thing on a Zealot and watch him go to town.


I’m gonna add more to this and the reason it just doesn’t feel right in Verm 2 unless you’re using either Merc or Zealot with it. To hold the point of attack what do you need with Two handed Sword?

If you thought damage or killing power, you’re actually wrong.

The answer is Stagger and Cleave. When I use this thing on WHC and not Merc, There’s a distinctive lack of that, because you don’t have that on WHC. So you can’t hold the point of attack with it. Sure you’ve got all kinds of killing power with WHC, Deathknell you have Elite Power killing, Select Flense and it drastically improves the damage vs hordes.

But you don’t have the ONE thing the 2H needs to work the way its supposed to… namely… Crowd Control. So instead of using it like an actual 2H sword on WHC, you have to dodge dance with it… because you have no real stagger, so you get hit a lot… and that’s just not the way you use 2H Sword.

Plus you’ve got a ton of other weapons to use that are much better weapons to do the dodge dance with, and feel right when doing it also.

However when I do it on Kruber Merc… hey I got a ton of CC and damage rolled up into one. I can slash til my heart is content and just chew up the front line. But It just doesn’t feel satisfying at all on WHC.

Merc and Zealot have that… WHC just does not.


Over the weekend I spent time playing Verm 1 where I REALLY got a good taste of what this used to be like, and why it felt so much better in Verm 1 vs Verm 2. You used to be able to put a weapon trait on 2H Sword called Devastating Blow.

Devastating Blow on the 2H Sword increased the power on your push so you could knock Skaven on their ass just like a Shield on Bardin or Kruber can.

So the way you used it was to knock the Skaven on their rear ends… then step in with a charged attack and cleave all of them on the ground. You could hold the point of attack like it was nothing.

It was like using a Two Handed Sword the way they actually get used.

It felt so much more satisfying to use it there, even when compared to using it on Kruber Merc in Verm 2.

This is quite interesting, I never thought of using it that way. Have you tried opportunist trait in VT2? It think it could give you similar results

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