Twitch mode causes loss of books on Horn finale elevator

When twitch mode decides to give a player a healing item or potion, this displaces any tomes or grims they are carrying and drops them onto the ground. However if you’re on a moving elevator when this happens the book will vanish into thin air instead of drop down to the bottom where you can pick it up.

This can happen on any elevator it’s just more noticeable on Horn because the final elevator drop is so long. It can also happen with any other item you happen to be carrying when twitch decides to give you one.

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It doesn’t vanish but it will drop. It will remain in place floating in the air so you have to be prepared that a book might drop on healing/potion votes and be ready to pick it up. Especially so if on an elevator or at a point of no return. I can’t say one hundred percent in your case but I’ve had it happen plenty and sometimes it’s hard to spot it in time even if you’re prepared for it.

On a side note: Did you ever play the Ranald’s Gift (exploding team members dealing high FF) while in a confined space? The Horn of Magnus event elevator is probably the major cause of a wipe :slight_smile: Another good one would be Convocation of Decay, between third tome and final event, having two or less human players = 85% (totally made up) wipe chance during that last stretch of the map. Good times :smirk:

IMO the game should drop the potion/healthkit on the ground if the person is already carrying a book.


I don’t know if you’re playing with viewers or not but twitch with viewers add another dimension to it. Making the group drop a tome, or preferably a grim, just before a point of no return makes for good times :partying_face:


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