Tuskgor Spear concept

So tuskgor spear is a weapon I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed since release but for me it’s always had an awkward identity of feelings more like a quarterstaff at times than feeling like a heavy spear due to a lot of the weapon’s power being in the sweeping attacks that bring the same levels of control as 2h hammer heavy attacks. It’s something that’s always felt off to me and something that is commonly cited as part of why Tuskgor Spear is overpowered.

So that got me thinking maybe a lot of the problems could be solved by simply tweaking the weapon to be more in line with it’s identity, y’know, make the spear more spear-like.

The damage output of the weapon can more or less remain the same however I’d like to see the stabbing attacks of the spear gain a cleave/stagger whilst reducing that of the sweeps. It would be a rather unique space for the weapon to occupy since none of the “thrusting” attacks in the game to date have any significant amount of cleave attached to them and given that the Tuskgor Spear is a “heavy spear” thrusting the pointy end through a target should be far more impactful than it currently is. Conversely, it’s a spear; the sweeps shouldn’t be as high impact as they are currently (right now the push attack and heavy sweep are a carbon copy of 2h hammer heavy attacks which is pretty insane for a sharp stick if you ask me).

This would not only solve the big issues with Tuskgor Spear’s balance but would also solve the identity crisis it, in my opinion, currently has and give it a unique space that no other weapon provides; especially in Kruber’s arsenal which is already filled to the brim with big sweeping crowd control weapons.


Basically, you want to kebab skewer rats? ;D


I’ve always been disappointed with the various spears’ thrusting cleave, it feels counterintuitive to the weapon, that I feel ought to control corridors well with quick, precise stabs through multiple horde enemies. Would adore a weapon to fill that niche, and Tuskor spear seems the perfect fit for that. Would also help make it not step on the toes of the defensive weapons like 1h mace so much.

Wholeheartedly support this idea.



I was initially gonna make my own version of what it’d look like on modded realm and post a video buuut after messing with it for a bit I realised I’d have to make a custom damage profile and I just don’t have the energy to go that far for only an example :sweat_smile:

I like the idea, the thrust attacks don’t carry much impact right now. The sweeps feel amazing but end up devaluing 2h hammer’s big selling point.

For consistency, what about elf spear?

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Elf spear still needs to have the changes on it fixed to match the patch notes (rn it’s all bugged and out of whack)

I don’t think it’d be necessary for elf spear to have any further changes once the intended buffs go through and Asrai spears are certainly more oriented towards mixing slashes in with stabs so idk. Would have to see what Fatshark thinks of it and where the feedback leads.

Interesting idea. Would need quite some testing before Id make a final judgement but it would give the weapon his own identity that actually varies from the other kruber weapons.



I love spears in games, I hate the spears in VT2.

Why give them sweeps!? why make sweeps the most important part of their kit!?!?!?

Make them stand out as a weapon class of their own with unique properties.


I think sweeps are important in a horde clearing game but ofc they shouldn’t be the primary power source for a spear

God. Now I want a quaterstaff, so I can turn my Huntsman into Robin Hood.


And if not impaled by thrusting, but close to it’s blade, then any opponents near enough the balde of spear will be have a cut. So, I agree with that spear should be more thrust/stab focused than swinging widely.

And here’s my suggestion. What if its heavy thrust/stab has a riposte? Or blocking is basically pointing the spear at the front, it has a collison or something. The enemy should drain your block stamina to 0 to going through.

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I imagine FS wants to keep the riposte functionality limited to the Bretonnian longsword. At least for the time being

That’s sad. Riposte makes melee combat more close to irl fighting in cool and simple way. not like Kingdom Come does, way too complicate

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Big agree, great idea, this would be fantastic.


Yes, I’ve always wanted more of an Imperial pike instead of a boar spear for Kruber.
Basically halberd thrusting attacks but on steroids.


of course, but not all weapons have them and they all manage fine because of other strengths!

A spear with ultra strong pierce rather than sweeps can still clear a horde, it could easily be killing the same number us units per strike, just in a different area of effect.

It will create a defensive weakness as the player will need to dodge/push against other targets up close, but it will mean the spear user can pick out backline enemies that other weapons couldnt reach- which could be essential when a packrat is in the crowd for example.


I would hate it. This sounds to me like a direct and impactful nerf, wich would be a very bad thing (already this beta nerfed it).

Gameplay/balance > realism. I understand that it can seem more like a “quarterstaff”, but your idea would destroy its pefect niche (the only defensive Krub’s weapon with 1h Mace)… in order to make it the hundredth Krub’s dps weapon.

No thanks.


2h hammer, 3 different shield weapons, mace & sword, 1h sword, 1h mace. Kruber hardly lacks for defensive/crowd control options


Port that same idea to elf spear while they’re at it.

Hell, take it a step further and give both spears cleave and intuitive stagger power on stabs. The way Kruber uses the spear makes me think he’s just drunk swinging it around like a bat in between gentle pokes.


My fault, I did not explain myself well… technically shields are the best defensive weapons but, personally, I meant something safe, versatile and agile/fast, perfect for a ranged/fragile career. This excludes shields and 2h Hammer. And I don’t like to consider 1h Sword “defensive”… it’s more something offensive.

Now, no offense, and again my bad (I was not enough clear), this isn’t my point: no interest in discussing this.

I simply love Spear like now and the niche that it holds (a defensive weapon perfect for a fragile career, with pro and cons)… while I don’t like the space that it would cover after your change.

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