Trueflight volley Khurnous - No ammo

Trueflight volley - talent Khurnous’ reward

The skill broke with Tzeench.

Not giving any ammo at all.

We did hypertwitch+tzeench, was working fine, then it suddenly stopped giving back ammo.

Tried on ambient elite and spawned elite.

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This is a client issue pretty sure. Has been around from the release of twinz probably. Every talent that procs of elites/specials is affected by this i’m also pretty sure.

That was my hypothesis.
Thought I’d still point it out :slight_smile:
Good to know that it affects ALL of theElite/Specials talents though

Yep,old bug that affects clients only.All “ammo back on specials/elites kill” don’t work while damage reduction talents like BH’s Job Well Done do.

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