Troll is too fast

Troll attacks are too fast, in my opinion.


Yeah, i concur, the attack is so fast we cannot read the pattern to evade the attack. they are a ratling gun that make -20 hp of damage every time they attack, or, in other case where Kruber use his shield, we can just put them in a lock and stop them from moving when our teamate skaven kill them.

When playing againt’s it, it’s hell. If the troll wait for his teamate to do something, and then hard focus one guy, this guy is certainly dead, unless he is a tank.

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If rats kill down the heroes, the heroes alive can’t revive them.

Troll doesn’t allow it.

Is easy to kill troll, but when you have bombs, and you are 3 or 4.

Imo they die too fast, a shade can almost instakill it with the perk that improves damage on successive backstabs and without a str pot. Not sure if they should be buffed but we should get troll spawns more often.


That is true too.

They are too fast, but they die fast too, depending on the Troll player and heroes team.

Assasin is the worst experience for a poor Troll.

Troll must be used with team support, and as a tactical weapon, not like a Terminator robot.

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