Trapper net is too fast

I’m familiar with disablers, so this isn’t a “they need to go!” or whatever people complain about. This is specifically about the speed they fire the net compared to the time it takes to stun/kill them. On Level 4+ by the time you hear the net, if you’re not looking at them already and firing, you just have to pray you’re moving in the right direction because by the time you turn to see them, you’re going to be netted. Full stop. This is especially true if they’re relatively close because you have zero chances of dodging out of the way. If they show up in a horde, you just die.

Something needs to b adjusted here.

Its the same minigame as it was with VT2 Hookrat. You either hear it, or you are trapped.

You hear the charging sound of the net and dodge. It doesnt matter if you, or anyone else is the target. If you are close enough that you hear the sound you dodge.

Except hookrats can’t hook you from 20 yards away (we all know they can, but that’s not intended lmao).

Tazers cant do that either.