Trap respawn point. Cinder peak Xbox

Why is this a respawn point?
The bots cannot actually follow you to this spot, they CAN NOT LEAVE IT OR MOVE either. If your bots die in the Cinder Peak event they will respawn here and never be able to leave.
This is Nearly a guaranteed death if you lose 3 bots as the level exit is too far from the event to survive with no support.

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Could coins also not fall into the void.
It’s hard enough to get them and no reason they need to bounce or drop off the world.
They float all over the world on glory to greed from the orbs but when you really need them, this happens.

Why is it even possible for bots to do this?
Seriously, the bots should NEVER fall off a cliff unless pushed.
So unnecessary, this is an artificial difficulty spike that is in no way appreciated.

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