Trail of Treachery - Patrol path issues in alternating map sections

I’ve come across several issues concerning which patrols spawn and how they path after the mid event.

There are two alternating map routes after the cog event: a left route and a right route each with different patrol triggers and paths. I assume there are some bugs/mixups with the patrol waypoints depending on which map route is active.

  • When the ‘left map route’ is active, this patrol spawns and paths entirely outside of the player-accessible area but is triggered from within the player-accessible area.

    I assume this patrol should be active when the ‘right map route’ is active. Otherwise it cannot be encountered by players at all.

  • When the ‘right map route’ is active, this patrol can spawn way too close to the main path (it is essentially a facespawn at the end of the bridge considering the distance between trigger and spawn point). It also has way too much overlap with the designated sleigh path which results in it being nearly impossible to be avoided (the longer the patrol per difficulty, the worse).

    I assume this patrol should be active when the 'left map route’ is active: considering the main path, players would trigger it when they are still down on the frozen river (no facespawn) and could hear it before they see it. The overlap between patrol path and designated sleigh path would also be considerably shorter and way more convenient in this case.

  • The last patrol, no matter which map route is active, will always get stuck at this waypoint.

    Additionally, when the ‘right map route’ is active, players hit the patrol trigger while dropping down into the final event area. This will always spawn the patrol behind them which makes it have no impact on gameplay at all.

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