Toxin/poison bow deals no damage to armoured enemies, unless hit in the head

Since it has a AoE on impact, it feels like it should be able to affect all the enemies. Right now the bow is not worth using unless you hit only heads or skin.

All in all i enjoy the bow. It does have too little initial damage on legend, or too little ammunition cache.

You need to charge attack to deal damage and poison to armoured. Previously when it didn’t need to directly damage armour it was able to wipe patrols easily. It is a very powerful bow that was being overspammed back in V1 and now it is currently about the same as in V1 but with less ammo so it wouldn’t be spammed so much.

Using it on Legend and topping ranged kills, even with a Sienna on our team. Use it for wave clear and boss killing. I only use charged attacks. light ones don’t seem to be worth it. It’s very useful for helping surrounded friends as the FF is low, but the AOE CC is great.

Probably wouldn’t use it as Handmaiden as you’re frontline anyway. Shade’s crossbow is probably better for boss killing, and Waywatcher has an ammo increase.

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