Toxic Quests secondary weekly

Weekly seem too bug out on progression often, so you do objectives but cant get progression without restarting game, locking “do secondarys” on a specific map is a pretty toxic quest type aswell, if you want too complete it you might end up waiting for a long time just too get that map with a secondary on the diff you can manage, but then it bugs or you dont get completion since you only found 2/3 scriptures for example. and then comple 6 secondarys on a certain map…thats the longest quests in the game and with a REALLY bad payoff. this would not be a problem if you could reroll more times pr week. and there is no info at all that you can reroll only 4 times.

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these quests should be removed and instead add something like “do X missions with a special modifier” for example, so yo u dont force persons too spend infinity time waiting for the map with the secondarys, and the right tier.