Tower of Treachery Skulls homing in from too far away

Issue Description:
The skulls seem to be homing in on players as soon as they pick up the barrels. Which iirc that was never supposed to be the design of the map, they literally fly through the walls to get to the player holding the barrel. Idk what changed their aggro range to be so far but it was never this far before, normally you had to be all the way near the well before they’d aggro onto you, now they aggro you as soon as you pick up the barrels (which seems a little unfair considering how many things you have to juggle)

Steps to Reproduce:
Play Tower of Treachery and pick up a barrel

Map Name (If Applicable):
Tower of Treachery


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
0300 CST

Reproduction Rate:
Common (<50%)

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