Toughness Bleed-through feels AWFUL

I don’t play Zealot for this very reason. I’m simply not interested in playing a melee-heavy class when melee is so inherently punishing.

Also, grimoires are a real struggle. Even with wound-boosting Curios the chip damage is just brutal. I’ve had groups who simply refuse to take more than one grim at a time. Makes completing Merik’s challenge for them a right pain.

It’s been mentioned that the more powerful range weapons have been given a wind-up animation when swapping to them to try and ‘balance’ them against melee, but fixing this would make melee far more attractive than kneecapping ranged.

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I have no idea why they are doing this, its ruining the experience

The bleed-through mechanic is awful, this is just a bad idea, it makes the toughness completely useless when you dont have anymore hp and trying your best to survive by gaining toughness little by litlle.

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Devs, if you are reading this, please remove the bleed through.
It really, really, really sucks.


Here to agree, it’s a travesty.

Toughness regen ZeaLOLts are utterly pointless, can get back max toughness and still die to one trash mob’s poke.


Just wanted to add this completely defeats the point of toughness. That’s terrible.

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Giving my feedback here as well, this mechanic is horrible, especially for the zealot.
It’s counter intuitive overall, needlessly complicated and convoluted, and makes the entire Zealot class just not make sense.
Keep it simple, if toughness is up, you take no health damage aka NO “bleed-through”.

Ah, just got downed by getting hit with full toughness. Feelsbadman

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Just sharing my experience so dont dogpile me.

Only been playing malice so far as a very melee focussed ogryn. As most vets and psykers ive been playing with hang back a lot, I’m usually out of coherency range. Ive found the toughness regen to be very high and forgiving even for primarily melee combat. I play pretty aggressively, am always up in the enemies grills and have been consistently taking far less hp damage than team mates, due to toughness uptime (and knowing how to dodge lol). As a result, apart from 1hp full toughness downs, chip damage hasnt been a problem for me.

It very well may change as I play higher difficulties, it absolutely undermines zealots play style, I’d prefer it modified in some way but I also havent really had a problem.

To reply to Scythid regarding Ogryn, that’s definitely fair, the thing is Ogryns have 300 health so chip damage affects them less, and they have more natural toughness damage reduction than a zealot, albeit no charge equivalent. They also naturally have bonus stagger and more CC - when an ogryn wades into a pack of melee its much more likely to keep everything locked down similar to something like Ironbreaker with mace/Shield or markus with a greathammer.

The Zealot however doesnt have this luxury, especially with weapons like the knife, so has to rely much more on dodges and blocks, which are much more awkward than just CCing an entire crowd, so will generally take more hits AND has less health with which to take them AND has a class mechanic that encourages being low health.

I wont disagree that Ogryns dont feel as bad as zealot for sure, zealot is the class that suffers most from bleed through, but I dont think it would hurt to have bleed through somehow be less aggressive to help out our big support class too, being survivable is kinda their thing and they’re still reliant on the psykers and sharpshooters for doing the heavy lifting regarding ranged nasties.


I’ve decided to stop playing Darktide as long as this toughness mechanic remains in its current form. I otherwise enjoy the game but this feels awful to play with to the point where its sapping the fun out of the game for me entirely.

its unfun and I don’t like it. It invalidates a lot of weapon choices and curio choices and makes all teammates who do not meta a complete liability while at the same time making carrying said teammates extremely, extremely, extremely difficult. This chip damage is not fun at all and has made the game half as enjoyable as it was.

Totally agree that getting damage to health through toughness is a super bad thing.

I’m not against chip damage because the idea itself has been in shooting games and games in general pretty much since armor exists as damage mitigation. If you have 100 Armor and 100 Health, in most games, if you take 20 damage, you take 5 damage to health and 15 to armor or some kind of similar ratio.
Toughness seems to work the same way depending on how much damage you take and how much Toughness you have. Does it make the game punishing? Yes, but some people like that (I’m slightly more in favor of no chip damage but don’t mind it as it is now).

What I DO have a MAJOR problem with, however, is that the tutorial straight up SPELLS OUT that Toughness is depleted BEFORE and not in tandem with Health. This makes Toughness just a second Health bar, which is not how it works. Once again, Fatshark have proven they are the kings of bad communication.

Either change the tutorial to reflect how your BASIC GAME MECHANICS work, or change the mechanics to reflect what the THING THAT TEACHES YOUR PLAYERS HOW TO PLAY says.