Today's Patch Increased Enemy Count

There was a tiny patch that downloaded for me today, and enemy specials seem to be double spawning ever since. Rather than just one ratling or assassin showing up, they instead come in pairs.

Anyone else experiencing this ?
I played 4 legend runs and had the same issue/occurrence.

Side note: I am playing on the official server, not the beta.

Not sure it’s possible, the patch only touched the launcher files which are seperate from the game bundles.


Lawl new patch everything’s harder! Blaim patch!!!

Placebo effect?


Touched the launcher files, you say? To patch in some new images with which to advertise the new premium cosmetics we’re getting alongside the new balance patch, perhaps? :wink:

That’s just game variation. Between the AI director’s randomness and different host CPUs, I’ve seen more than 2x differences between runs of a difficulty, and sometimes you’ll have several of those in a row.

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Thanks for confirming! Maybe it’s just like one of the other posters said here; random game variation.

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