To much Damge for game to register correctly

Issue Summary: i stacked Crit damage and chance on my shades new daggers I got last night. +10% chance, +40% Crit power +10% vs armored from equipment, +15 attack power +75% backstab damage from talents.

If drink a str pot or even some times just with a normal power Infiltrate ( works with head shots, frontal body shots, and backstabs, but when landing power attacks ). The game can’t handle the damage. And I see strange things seems to only effect bosses and lords so far. I also have to Crit my target.

No damge seems to be dealt, but some times it will stun my target. It always ends my infiltrate like I scored a hit. Strange things have happened. 100% of the time on a troll that has not been downed yet, if I land Crit it will drop the troll into its downed state but it won’t take damages out have to then deal damage like normal to get it so you can damage it’s temp health.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use my listed Crit build
  2. Stab a boss while under effects of career skill, and score a critical hit, str pots help

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%) strange stuff happens
Constant (100%) with trolls

Additional Information: I recorded myself doing it to the training dummies with Gforce Exp but my wife’s using my computer right now. I can upload it to you and try to get in battle footage of the other strange things I’m seeing.

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Would be very interesting to see the footage you speak of. Will pass this on all the same.

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I tried to upload the clip but it says the file is to large, is their another way to get you the footage ?

I can replicate this for Troll and it seems to be a purely visual bug. The troll health bar shows his ‘downed hp’ as regular hp.

Here’s a little demo I put together

This was on champion difficulty, on legend I couldn’t get enough damage to instantly down the troll.

Gear used:
Dual daggers: 20% crit power, 10% skaven
Charm: 20% crit power, 10% monster
15% power from grimoire
75% backstab damage talent

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