Tiny Keys, worthless charms, cheap salvage, more

The ‘Keys’ needed for the door in farm field mission are rather small (to target for E), perhaps they could be increased to something capable of locking a barn door.

Some equipment cannot be salvaged. Please have in-game feedback as to why.

Beam staff charge ability does not appear to hit training dummies.

Better descriptions on weapons. That ‘+1 stamina’, is it added in to the displayed stats already?

Would like to see an in-game description of all the item abilities.

Man those keys are tedious. Was also a problem in Vermintide 1, The River Reik.

If this is a nitpick thread I have one:

Picking up medkits is annoying. Their actual hitbox doesn’t encompass the entire object.

Equipment cannot be salvaged if it’s equipped on any character, on any career. The dummies only register direct attacks, which attacks such as the beam staff blast don’t count as, you can find the same with many other attacks, such as power attacks with shields or the first part of ceremonial dagger charged attack. The bonuses from properties aren’t included in the listed stats on the item card.

Yeah, these things could be improved.

Rather than increase the hitbox on medkits, I think i’d rather see the the size of their model decreased. Currently they are too big to fit in crates and you can see them poking through.

I wanted to say this back in CBT Phase 2 when I first saw them, but I am not a fan of their V2 appearance at all. But I didn’t because I had a feeling I was also the only one of that opinion. That aside, my complaint is that they require more finesse to pick up than any other item, especially when broken barrels are in the way.