This shouldn't be allowed in the actual game industry

This is my second character drops in around 35 runs.
Oh, he’s a Zealot.
All those mauls have been bought from the store.
But i was looking for a 2h chainsword, or a knife.

And here, i wanted really bad a flamethrower. But seems like i can’t get a good one. But yeah i have a couple blue that i’ve found around lvl 10.

This game feels no rewarding at all, drops are awful, the shop is a terrible rng, class based weapons are more rare than ever, and this game costs 40 bucks.

I’m thinkin already about leaving the game for a while, untill they overhaul the whole looting/crafting system. Guess will take months with the actual pace.

The gameplay itself is good, lots of bugs allright but that is normal and will be better, but all those bad decisions and ideas on the rpg aspect of the game… it’s 2023 almost and feels like a bad coded game from '00.

Shame on you.


Honestly I’ve stopped caring about getting anything other than a good blue weapon. So many traits and blessings are either completely useless, awful, or downright detrimental (looking at you limbsplitter) that it’s just not worth my time and patience pursuing them, and a blue with good stats and a blessing that does anything actually beneficial is good enough.

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At the very least you should get a free white weapon as you unlock them for builds.

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