This game mode will need an anti-quitter mechanic

Not now in Alpha perhaps, but once this goes live for real it will need repercussions for excessive quitting.

How quitting is currently used by players:

  • When they join in and see their team with a point disadvantage
  • After playing the Skaven when they don’t want to play heroes or vice versa
  • When they see that one less experienced player in game
  • After playing round 1 and it’s not in their favor

It’s really quite excessive. Barely a game goes by without someone throwing the towel.

Possible solutions:

  • 10-30 min cooldown timer for all game modes after quitting
  • Having unlockables for the finished game and not awarding rewards upon quitting

I see this happen so often it’s kinda crazy.

I think having a reward at the end of a game would be incentive enough. Stopping players from playing the game after a disconnect is going to hurt the experience of players with bad wi-fi more than anyone else. Especially knowing how dodgy Fatshark servers can be at times.


basically every game that didn’t end in crash ends in quit, the game mode really needs like a blacklist or something if you’re actually smoothbrained enough to get egotistical and competitive over something so silly and pointless fun. if you grief the matchmaking pool you get stuck in time out. SIMPLE AS

I don’t even care if we wipe as the heroes 2 seconds out of the gate and never down a single one when it switches up, I finally got to play the rats.