There should be a hard limiter on how close a Special unit is allowed to spawn near a group of players

Basically as the title says, there needs to be a hard limiter on how close Special Units can spawn near players so as to try and prevent instant wipes and quite frankly unfair situations.

Its not that players with enough skill can’t overcome these situations so much as these situations should have never happened in the first place unless due to player negligence, which is currently not the case.

It feels absolutely awful to have something like a Hook Grabber, Warpthrower, or Rattling Gunner spawn immediately behind the nearest corner during a horde fight and for them to get a few seconds to get close to the team or start firing upon us, which in Champion level difficulty or higher could lead to a fast death.

Its one thing to be punished for letting them sneak up on you because you’re tunnel-visioned on killing the horde in front of you, but its another for the game director to be completely cruel and spawn units right on top of you in already tense situations.


I love the pat spawns right inside the group, thats even more fun :smiley:

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