The War Camp on Quick Play, every time

It’s been for weeks. One out of 2~3 Quick Play is The War Camp.
I am patient, but I’ve just Alt+F4 after I saw The War Camp loading screen for the millionth time. Too many The War Camp.
I now hate The War Camp. I don’t want to play The War Camp anymore.

Please, let us exclude a map or two from the Quick Play.

Did I tell you how much I don’t want to play The War Camp anymore ?
No more The War Camp.


Ahh yes, for me it is Righteous Stand. I would personally like it if I could burn Sigmars temple to the ground and sow salt on the ashes so nothing ever grows there again. EVER. I am beginning to get an understanding of why the Pactsworn hate this place so much. They are probably right.

I’m jealous. I wish i could play warcamp in quickplay this often instead of trolls in the dark and deamon moshpit under a hospital 24/7.

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You get a like purely for Demon Moshpit under a Hospital.

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