The Vet amo nerf hits hard in T5 mael no amo pickup condition

Yeah there are two of them. Sometime I get ppl who are triggered by scoreboards.

Coming in like this, there is no point for a meaningful discussion. Rather, I let them rant. And this guy went as far as making up a story trying so hard to roast someone regardless of the method. I find this to be very toxic but it is what it is in any forums. Can’t imagine what he could do irl.

He has a point tho. Your score doesnt really show a problem, just a personal preference that didnt actually affect your overall performance.

Its really not that bad although I know how it can feel when you are frustrated, any light ribbing can feel like needles. Sometimes its best to ignore or laugh off the little things and concentrate on the important points.

I dont agree with an eye for an eye either. Im not immune ofc, I can be curt or a bit cutting at times although I try hard not to because, as evidenced in this very thread, it pretty much always derails the conversation.

If you feel like someones attacking you my advice would be to walk away for a few hours or even more. There is no obligation to reply quickly. I often feel different about someones words the next day.

I dont charge for this sage advice, my deep psychological knowledge comes free :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: j/k

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Of course, it doesn’t show the problem. In my initial post, I clearly stated that “I can still do reasonable damage with limited ammo.” And the scoreboards are there for that (the amount of damage a player can do without running melee vet). The scoreboards work fine, as they prevent people from talking about how to manage ammo and stuff.

I don’t mind at all. Talking to them the same way is good when I want to kill time. However, not everyone can be unbothered by this kind of act. Making up stories to harm someone is all over the internet. Some ended up very badly. Why did it end up badly for some people? Well, because they didn’t feel like they were being heard and the world was against them. So they resort to . . . It seems you’re ok with it, you do you.

This isnt a reasonable response.
Pot, meet kettle.

I cant say I believe that at this moment, for reasons why, see above quotes :melting_face:

If you don’t see how that reflects irl cases, there is no point in discussing it.

It seems like your attention is here. Good to know. Just another one.

Iv been reasonable with you and yet you have insinuated some rather off-colour assumptions about me several times while complaining that people are making assumptions about you :thinking:

So yeah, pot meet kettle.

I cant say Im interested in engaging in this thread anymore, it looks like you are more than happy to engage in the drama tho :rofl:

I hope you have a nice day :kissing_heart: maybe you will be more reasonable in future.

yep very reasonable coming in here to make that one point.

you get what you give


You completely misunderstood my point, and despite me telling you that multiple times you’re somehow yet to realize it and keep attacking the strawman you built - and doing so in a rude manner on top of that.

I literally don’t care what you have to say when you’re doing it in such a manner, so don’t even bother replying unless you’re ready to compromise on your behavior. People on the internet are not your family, we don’t have to put up with your tantrums.

I disagree heavily, it’s an extremely fun condition and all classes are entirely viable without ammo refills. Especially vet since he can still get ammo refills with the aura and even provide his team with it, even post nerf. Krak grenades too. You can see in the OP that vet still can easily pull 1m+ damage on those missions. Your complaint makes very little sense to me because it seems to assume that some classes aren’t viable without ammo pickups or something, which is far from the truth.

By the way, mostly ranged enemies + extra ammo pickups exists as a condition. It’s a bit easy because of how nerfed shooters are, but you can bring every class to that too and do well.


What you meant is ‘the internet isn’t required to acknowledge opinions they disagree with’. Since that’s what it is, an opinion you disagree with and can’t comprehend how someone could possibly hold it in the first place. And that wouldn’t be false… by itself.

What people on this forum ARE required to, however, is arguing in a civil manner even if they disagree. Look, it’s right there in the forum guidelines:

For adults it’s absolutely possible to do both at the same time - that is, be civil even when you disagree with something. Kambrin somehow managed. You should also try it sometime.

I think it’s pretty interesting and telling that you chose to continue with this line of trying to reprimand nemy for how he put his post, while completely ignoring my earnest and polite rebuttal of what you said. I have a feeling you might not actually be interested in defending your claims regardless of how the counterpoints are presented to you.

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That’s exactly the reason I phrased my post the way I did. If he was interested in having an earnest discussion he’d have addressed at least some of the points made by you and the others. Alas most people just come here to whine about some skill issue and want to be agreed with. Barely any difference to a spoiled child. I address them accordingly.

No, the reason is that I denied nemy a debate because of his tantrums, and replying to you in this thread would allow him to just ignore the entire point about his behavior (since he could view it as well). I was considering writing you a reply in the PMs - here I have to admit that simple laziness took over.

But since you’ve called me out here, I will offer the option of discussing the matter in the PMs. Send me one if you’re up for that.

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Imagine having so little faith in your own argument that you throw a tantrum and blame another poster for your inability to publicly voice it.


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