the store, career and quest skins

I saw some posts about what the current skins and new skins should be like… and I came to a consensus.

  1. careers should have 2 skins already released upon purchase (2x body and 2x helmet), and other skins released by quests for items to have a “rarity” and also to compensate players who play with the class, because I am main victor and i don’t want a mission to release shillings as i already have all victor’s cosmetics and i don’t need shillings, for me this is a useless and unnecessary mission

  2. the emporium was to release skins (paid with cash or shillings) more often and for all careers, both new skins and all end times skins

  3. a new mission should arrive for each race such as: to win a helmet in 200 victories, and for new races helmet mission for 100 victories, or any other type of mission

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