The sounds that warn about the spawning of a Troll and a Stormfiend are too similar

These sounds are so alike that I can’t tell them apart unless they are played back to back like in this video:

I can never tell if a troll or a stormfiend spawns just by hearing their roar, and none of my friends can. I suggest changing one of these sounds so they are more distinct.

I don’t think I can agree with this, the stormfiend has the most distinct sound of any boss since it’s not just a scream but a high-pitched laughter. I can always tell when it’s a stormfiend that’s coming. But that’s just been my experience, I guess.


This is slightly off-topic, but the way the stormfiend spawn is equalized is jut plain weird. The first couple of times I heard it I literally looked around my room expecting to see someone there.

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