The Sharks Messed Up - Everything is Demoralizing

Zealot class built around toughness regen but getting hit with full toughness damages health so there’s no point, really.

Thunder Hammers are milquetoast weapons that displace enemies instead of killing them and its special attack is awkward and unwieldy.

Matchmaking system makes the playerbase feel small once you hit max level.

Challenging contracts take an entire week to reset and you can spend your tokens on a mystery box that gives you grey items.

Fat Shark be like, “Damn, I messed up, we gotta make the game bad.”

While i agree with most of what you are saying, i dont think throwing shade at the devs is going to make them eager to implement your feedback. This is not radiosilent pre 2021 fatshark we are dealing with here, they are listening to us more than they used to, no need to sour that with combativeness.


I agree with you, but I don’t think I’m being all that toxic.

The intent was to be more humorous than combative while highlighting what frustrates me the most and I know I’m not alone on some of those points.

I mean yes no one should be threatening the devs, but at somepoint shade needs to be thrown because these are infact just BAD design choices. These are BAD mechanics. If a dev is doing a bad job by designing and implimenting bad mechanics then there is no one else to throw shade at but said bad dev.

Thats not to suggest its some code monkeys fault that is just programing it. But any “Dev” in the sense someone who is developing these mechanics needs to know that yes, they did a bad job and are doing a bad job by designing thse very clearly broken, unfun, unbalanced, and needless systems.

Yelling at devs for technical problems is a stupid thing to do, because no dev no matter how good they are will ever be able to fix every single technical problem the first go around. They just wont.

However in terms of mechanics of the game, its very reasonable to throw a very reasonable amount of shade at designers and developers of that system. Baring actually RL threats and harrassmetns an what not.

Don’t forget the psyker nerfs loll. Can’t even dodge bullets anymore as zealot after dodge nerfs. Also kind of sad how zealot ults get interrupted by lasgun, leaving you in a vulnerable spot with limited dodge.