The rise of toxic players?

And yet here you are answering in kind, laying the problem you see on him and his way to express himself.

We can’t go around tone policing everyone. Just the same as we can’t demand that they agree to our point of view.

While he might said it in a crude way his opinion holds merit. Just because you disagree with it and the way he said it doesn’t mean me can just discard it out of hand.
The fact is that we have on our hands a generation that is much more sensitive then those that came became before it.

They have held protests in schools against words and demanded a ban on certain opinions for crying out loud. If we indulge them they will never learn and the rest of ous will have to suffer the consequences of a game where any emotional reaction can risk a punishment.

Some people get angry when playing video games, some voice that anger. That’s good for them. It’s an outlet, sometimes the only one they have.
And some people like to mess around with other people. That’s also fine. Pranking is ok as long as no one gets hurt. If all you lost was your time and your ego, then it’s okay .

If we needed everyone to feel nothing but happiness at the end of a game then competitive games would all be at fault. Because in them there’s always a loser. Someone annoyed and let down because another player. And that’s okay.

If we find ourselves in a position where one person is all ways doing it against ous then a blacklist is the best option. A few clicks and he can never do it again. You can lock yourself out from the players that offend you and leave them to those that can take it.
And guess what? That’s also OK

Not in this case, no. The topic here is that there are significantly more toxic players in this game than there were in V1. Which is partly due to the game simply having a larger, more mainstream audience. But just saying “deal with it, get thick skin, ignore them” does not address the issue of the OP. It says nothing about why there is a rise in toxicity and is pretty much a pointless post complaining that people are complaining about the issue. So in this context, his opinion is irrelevant to the issue being discussed and is just aimed to belittle and insult anyone who has acknowledged that the community is in fact, growing more toxic.

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He never states that there weren’t more toxic players. Only that he thinks it’s a non issue.
In his eyes this most likely is similar to kids whining that someone is mean to them because they don’t play the game the way they want them to play it.
And such In his opinion they simply have to learn to deal with it.

I dunno, maybe it’s the time of day I play at or I’m just very fortunate, but I rarely see anything negative. Let alone people being open hostile over another person’s playstyle. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that or witnessed it happen.

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It was a toxic comment and flagged as one (or crude as you put it). I just used it as an example.

We could use a black list system for people we don’t want to group with. I’d go a step further and say I’d prefer a temp ban on vote kicked people to prevent them from jumping back into champ/legend and TKing.

I haven’t encountered anyone toxic yet. This is just from what I have read, but I don’t see the problem with having options.

Oh I have no problem with his comment being flagged, he probably did break a few forum rules with it. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t disregard it because you don’t like the way he said it. And insulting him back simply puts one in the same position as he is.

As for the temp ban on vote kick. Well think like this. You take three friends and then just sit in a game vote kicking everyone that ends up joining. How many do you think they can get time banned before there discovered?

Keeping all this in mind - You very well could be a terrible player and do terrible damage with your playstyle, don’t just blame everything on mean people.

Toxicity breeds toxicity, and a mad little virgin’s wrath is leaving someone unspawned, lmao.

Children who can’t behave go to their rooms.

… or get left behind without being set free.


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No. Dawn of War 3 was bad (and still is), not because of the reason you state.

It is bad because it tried to make it appeal to both the MOBA and RTS crowd, and made the game unappealing to both instead.

Either make it a MOBA or a RTS (Like Company of Heroes 1), amd the results will be a lot better.

Thats kinda the point I was trying to make. MOBAs have a player base that is younger, want less playtime per match, more constant action, more willing to spend money on things like skins and have a much different learning curve.

They tried to smash these guys together with the RTS crowd and ended up with a mess that no one likes.

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er no. it is bad because the game design was bad, not because they targetted X+X demographic.

you can target whatever demographic you like, but in the end, games have to be designed well (good reward-play feedback loop, risk-reward systems, rock-scissors-paper unit systems, impactful upgrading systems etc etc)

the game had none of these.

with your logic in mind, i can just create a moba game with unbalanced lanes, generic boring heroes and units, an item shop, fully targetted towards moba players and expect it to perform well. it will not.

That too, for sure. But if it hadn’t been a dawn of war game it might have stood on its own as a niche MOBA like game where you controlled the mods and bases.
But because it was a dow game it had a lot of expectations on it.

It was shity design all over but much of it can be credited to them trying to make a game that would be sactifactory for both RTS players as well as the larger MOBA gamer crowd.


As long as the method you plan isn’t to create an automated system and then go a step further to give people ‘trusted’ status in reporting like Overwatch. Players should never have global input or control on who gets punished for any reason because it leads to authoritarian scumbags policing every perceived slight. See: Overwatch community, League of Legends tribunal.

It’s why if Host Kick and personal banlists exists like in the V1 mods the problems would sort themselves out. Even then, you’ll run into people who just make it their purpose in the day to ruin someone else’s.

As for the state of this thread, toxic players aren’t ‘on the rise’. It’s like every other game that’s experienced massive popularity. Vermintide 1 was a cult game. V2, for whatever reason, got actual marketing. Mixed with all of the psychological mechanics like the entire loot box system - I’m deliberately avoiding going into more detail for the sake of time - absolutely, we get a minority of people like this. We had good options, so fight for those options that we had.

But this is a warning that any global strike system, any overarching system, is a road to folly. Nobody should have the power to dictate what is “sportsmanlike” to others based on their temperamental prejudices.

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I think it’s people suck. I had a guy who was using a very quiet mic get upset at me one game
Because I pressed a button I wasn’t supposed to (I had no idea first time playing). I told him I couldn’t hear his mic, and luckily the others playing said the same and he was cool about it.

But some people are gonna be toxic no matter what. Especially in champion or above. Most guys playing champion are usually going for fast runs with all tomes/grims, and want to be with guys who are good at avoiding damage or only taking “good” classes. To be fair to them, there are some classes which are just plain better than others.

Example; bardins clases. Ranger is borderline useless to most groups, as way stalker kerilian takes care of all sniping needs, as wel as group heals over time. So he sees little action. Only good reason for him is the talent that turns his annoying drops into health pots.

Slayer is a fun and great melee class, but has zero ranged for either sniping or aoe. Often jump lands you in trouble if you’re not careful, making yourself become a liability to the group. And with 2 stamina shields, you can’t absorb much. It’s a class that shines when you get better gear and better talents for sure. Useful for jump for grims and tomes tho, always appreciated. A middle of the run class all in all.

But iron breaker?? Holy balls. Tough as nails, can tank hordes AND bosses, take no damage for 10–15 seconds depending on talents you take, ton of stamina, and shield. Can also deal with hordes with AOE damage, or use drakefire pistols. Because he takes so much less damage, he allows more healing for the rest of the group, and becomes a Tanky grim and tome carrier.

So iron breaker “wins” in terms of what it can offer the group. Doesn’t make the other classes useless, but in champion or above I understand why people get picky about people at level 10 with power rating less than 300 and have no orange items with traits on them which help the group. I’m almost ready to do champion mode myself.

I wouldn’t be mean to a guy who came in to play who wasn’t ready, but I wouldn’t blame other players for telling them they should come to champion once they hit certain levels etc. It’s not that they have no skill. There’s just certain things that help immensely if you’re properly leveled and geared.

Ok well instead of banning people here… let’s just talk about easy first steps to fix being with players you don’t like.

Put in a feature where you can simply select a player and avoid them. Make it so matchmaking will never let you play with them again. Maybe do the same for players you enjoy playing with and have matchmaking let you play with them more often. (for now, add them to your steam friends list too using the TAB button!)

For a game that requires great teamwork, we can at least think of a few tools for this issue. Anyone can play this game how they want. Right now, if someone frustrates you, leave the game. Find friends and stay in lobbies that you’ve done well with.

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The game introduced talents and a “meta” which causes ignorant persons to view the game as if it has a set playstyle “if you aren’t this build you are bad” which is simply not true in a game that focuses more on mechanical skill than talents and abilities, that said, some options for heroes are in significantly better places than others and are certainly ideal over others. I wouldn’t flame a player for using daggers or SnD on elf in legend, it can still help quickly clear waves but its very very very far from optimal considering you are near useless against armored or shielded targets which are abundant on harder difficulties. That said i’ve done legend with some very unorthodox builds and set ups or played with people who have and still carried their weight. Hopefully perception will change when people realize that some guy playing what he wants is flexin’ all over their meta build in a game because he is a more skilled player.


Whats going on with this? Has there been any progress made to be able to blacklist players? I just had to repeatedly kick one guy since he kept joining and TKing members/destroying powder kegs and preventing us from being able to progress. Its already been two years since this stuff was talked about so whats going on?

If this isn’t something Fatshark is going to provide, then I’ll pay someone to make a mod for approval.

This is the single most glorious incident of Necromancy on these forums. TWO YEARS.

Don’t let Kruber see this necromancy, he’ll pump some shots from his repeater into you.